WoW Gold Guide: Gold Farming Spots in WoW BFA

WoW Gold Guide: Gold Farming Spots in WoW BFA

We are all in need of more World of Warcraft Gold, right? That’s why we have put together a list of the best WoW Gold farming spots in the current game. In World of Warcraft Gold is needed to buy armor repairs, crafting reagents, and purchase armor and items so your character can get ahead. Remaining competitive can become expensive, and that means you need a healthy WoW Gold balance in order to do it. We also acknowledge that not everyone has hours and hours they can sink into the game in order to farm for Gold, so here we’ve decided to focus on fast WoW Gold farming methods that have a low barrier to entry and make hefty amounts of World of Warcraft Gold in a short time frame. This is your guide to how to make gold in WoW. Let’s get started. If you are looking for faster ways to acquire WoW Gold, checkout our Wow Gold offers at

Old Raids

Bastion of Twilight is a Cataclysm raid instance with an advised level of 85. This means max-level players will find this raid very quick and easy to complete, maximizing the WoW Gold per minute. You should enter the dungeon and farm the trash mobs in the first chamber of the raid instance, which can be done in around 30 seconds. You can then leave the instance and reset it, repeating until you reach instance lockout. If you have more time you can do more of the raid and get a decent haul of green items that can be sold on the Auction House as transmog, or disenchanted and sold as materials. This raid also drops lots of Embersilk Cloth which is still in high demand due to Embersilk bags remaining popular.

Heroic Mogu’Shan Vaults

Mogu’Shan Vaults is a level 90 Mists of Pandaria raid and is located in the northeast of Kun-Lai Summit. You want to enter the raid and kill the stone lions located in the first chamber of the raid instance, and then leave the raid and reset the instance to repeat. It takes around 1 minute, if not less, to complete the run, and you can repeat this 10 times before instance lockout. The lions drop around 1,300-1400 Gold in the form of vendor items. A fun little run with huge fast WoW Gold making potential.

Heart of Fear

Heart of Fear is another level 90 Mists of Pandaria raid, this time located in Dread Wastes. This raid drops Spirit of Harmony, a crafting reagent and an extremely rare world drop from Pandaria creatures. Spirit of Harmony is used in numerous profession recipes for Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, and Leatherworking. Spirit of Harmony is still in high demand and can fetch you a decent amount on the Auction House. Alternatively, if you have the time, you can use Spirit of Harmony to craft some of the items and sell those on the Auction House. A little research on Wowhead, as well as tracking the Auction House can go a long way here and make you a ton of profit.

The trash mobs in the raid also drop lots of raw World of Warcraft Gold Currency. It’s worth noting that you can make up to 100 raw Gold from the first boss, but the boss will only drop loot once per lockout. This means you can enter the raid and farm the trash mobs and the first boss and then leave and reset the instance. When you go back in, you can farm the trash mobs again, but the boss will no longer drop any loot. If you wanted you could continue past the first boss and continue farming the trash for more gold and greens. Dungeons and World Farming Spots

Isle of Watchers - Legion Spot

Isle of Watchers is located in Southern Azsuna, and is a great lesser-known WoW Gold farming spot. By killing mobs in the area you can make around 4000, to 5000 Gold in a short period of time. The mobs also respawn fast so there’s little waiting around in order to make more Gold. The mobs also drop some greens that you can either vendor or disenchant so for some extra Gold since they don’t tend to sell well on the Auction House. This spot is relatively quiet so there’s little competition with other WoW Gold farmers.

Isle of Thunder - Legion Spot

Here we have another Legion WoW Gold farming spot, this time located northwest of Kun-Lai Summit. For this farm, you want to head to the center of the island to farm the mobs near Diremoor. These mobs drop Windwool Cloth and Mote of Harmony, both of which still sell very well on the Auction House. There are also some great item drops that sell extremely well on the Auction House due to their rarity. These items are rare because the island doesn’t receive much traffic, which also means there’s very little competition for this farm. In total, you can make around 20,000 to 30,000 wow Gold on this farm taking into account the amount you can make on the Auction House.


Wintergrasp is a level 67-80 zone on the Northrend continent that was added to the game as part of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. This zone has lots of Saronite Ore and Titanium Ore ready to mine and be sold on the Auction House. However, what really makes this zone profitable is the crafting reagents Eternal Water, Eternal Earth, Eternal Fire, Eternal Air, and Eternal Shadows. These reagents are used to create hundreds of highly sought after items, meaning they still sell for a good amount on the Auction House.

Iron Docks Dungeon

Iron Docks is a level 92-100 dungeon located in Northern Gorgrond. This dungeon has tons of potential for raw fast WoW Gold farming, either by just farming trash mobs up to the first boss or by completing a full dungeon run if you have the extra time. The method is simple, just run around the first room and grab as many mobs as you can, being conscious that some of them can be tricky to aggro if you are level 120. It takes around 2 minutes 30 sections to pull and kill the mobs in the first room and get out of the dungeon to reset it before going back in. In total, you can make around 2000 to 2500 for a short run, and around 6000 to 6500 for a full run, which will take around 7 minutes per run.

Auction House Flipping

Auction House flipping is when you buy an item from the Auction House and relist it for a higher price, netting yourself the profit. If you’re good at Auction House flipping you can make a huge amount of World of Warcraft Gold in a very short space of time since the process is obviously not labor-intensive. Before we get into some tips and tricks for Auction House flipping, it’s worth making it clear that this method isn’t for everyone. Flipping is inherently risky since you have no guarantee that something will sell, even if it has sold well in the past. That’s just how economies work, unfortunately, even game economies. You shouldn’t consider flipping if you don’t already have a good amount of WoW Gold, and you should never spend more than half of your WoW Currency on one item since it might not sell and then you’ll be left in a sticky position.

If you are in a position to start flipping, then you should get the Trade Skill Master addon. This addon can be a little tricky to learn, but once you’ve mastered it, it becomes invaluable for anyone wanting to play the Auction House. The addon allows players to keep track of every sale and purchase made on the Auction House, organize items, track Gold totals, automate postings, and more.

The most profitable way to make fast and cheap WoW Gold from flipping is to buy raid drop bind-on-equip (BoE) items, battle pets, and mounts, and sell them on for a profit. These items tend to be in high demand, and are relatively rare which means they can fetch a higher price on the Auction House. You can also flip materials such as Ores or Cloth, however, since these materials are easy to farm, this method is much riskier. If you buy up all the cloth of a certain type on the Auction House and relist it, another player could just go farm for the same cloth and undercut you in a short space of time, undermining your efforts. If you focus on items that are in limited supply then you have a much higher success rate.

Although you can make countless amounts of Gold from flipping, don’t rush into it. Before you decide to flip an item, you should track the item through the Auction House for around one week. This way you can get a good picture of how much the item sells for and how much the price fluctuates. You can then use this information to price the item effectively.

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