The Cataclysm pre-expansion patch for Warcraft Classic will be released on April 30

The Cataclysm pre-expansion patch for Warcraft Classic will be released on April 30

You have overthrown the Lich King's undead armies and ended Arthas' reign. Now, Deathwing, the destroyer of worlds, bursts from the center of the Maelstrom, unleashing his wrath. Rekindle the flame and help usher in a new Azeroth.

The Cataclysm pre-expansion patch ushered in the shattering of Azeroth and changes to the landscape of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, with various systems changing with new stages and race combinations, as well as new worgen and goblin races. Players can also start learning new archeology professions, use reforging to upgrade your equipment, and more.

● New player races: goblins and werewolves

● New race and class combinations

● Upgrade Update: Level up from level 1 to level 60 through landscape changes in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

● Class updates: new talents, trees, spells, and more

● New major: Archeology

● New feature: Transmogrification collection

● Updated character and equipment statistics

Character promotion changes

Once the pre-expansion patch goes live, unused level 58 Dark Portal Pass character advancements and level 70 character advancements will be converted to current level 80 character advancements. As patches bring these transformations, you need to plan ahead for how to use the enhancements.

Two new races: goblins and werewolves

Two new races—worgen and goblins—join the Alliance and Horde, each bringing unique advantages to Azeroth.

cursed werewolf

Behind the fearsome Greymane Wall, a terrible curse turned many of the staunch citizens of the isolated kingdom of Gilneas into beasts known as worgen. Unable to heal their pain and besieged by the terrifying Forsaken, these werewolves learned to control their ferocity with the help of the night elves.

Werewolves are now ready to unleash the beast within at a moment's notice to defend the Alliance as a Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior.

cunning goblin

The goblins' cunning and greed make them masters of mercantilism. The goblins of the Bilgewater Consortium re-signed old pacts with their former allies, and they joined the Horde as death knights, hunters, mages, priests, thieves, shamans, warlocks, and warriors. The goblins have honed their innate cunning to a razor's edge, hoping to use their explosive inventions to dominate the world—or at least own a profitable portion of it.

After the Fourth War, Trade Lord Gallywix suddenly left, leaving the goblins of the Bilgewater Consortium temporarily leaderless. Now, Trade Lord Gazlowe uses his ingenuity to lead the goblins and represent them in the tribal council.

New career and race combinations

broken landscape

With updates to pre-expansion content, players will experience changes to the landscape of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Players will be able to embark on new quests from levels 1-60 in these transformed territories and begin their journey as one of the new goblin or werewolf races.

Following the destruction of Deathwing, adventurers will be called upon to take on new quests from level 1 to 60 across these revamped territories - and with so much new content to be found across both continents, many original quests Brokenness is happening. These quests will be automatically deleted from your quest log, while any quests you have accepted that are still in Azeroth will remain in your log.

New Major: Archeology

As you adventure through Azeroth, survey the terrain and collect archaeological fragments from excavation sites to complete artifacts.

New feature: Transmogrification system

Visit the transmogrifiers in Azeroth Capital City to customize the appearance of your weapons and armor.