World of Warcraft wotlk cooking 1-450 upgrade method wotlk cooking 1-450 upgrade strategy

World of Warcraft wotlk cooking 1-450 upgrade method wotlk cooking 1-450 upgrade strategy

 In World of Warcraft wlk, cooking is a general professional skill. Cooking can make food that restores blood, restores mana, and increases buffs. Many players want to know how to upgrade wlk cooking 1-450 in World of Warcraft. The following is a guide to upgrade wlk cooking 1-450. Let's take a look together, hoping to help everyone.

Wlk cooking 1-450 upgrade strategy

  1. 1-75

  Step 1: Go to the novice area to brush the meat, and then rely on this meat to brush the cooking to 50.

  Step 2: Come to Mulgore and buy loach recipes. At this time, if it is purely for speed, then you can fish in the small pool next to it. After fishing and roasting, you can reach 75 after repeated work.

  Two, 75-120

  The upgraded NPC is on the side. After reaching the upper limit of 150, buy the recipe book of barbed catfish, and then we are on the road, choose to go to the auction house to buy a cookbook of delicious wind snakes, and then go to the sweet swamp to catch mutant fish , Delicious Wind Snake is an 85 recipe, and it can’t be done yet, but the probability of mutated fish and loach in the Sweet Swamp is roughly 55%. If you gather 2 or 3 groups and return to the city to cook, you can get it to about 120 immediately.

  Three, 120-225

  Step 3: Start fishing barbed catfish. There are two recommended fishing grounds: Jingtooth City and Bury Shadow Village. Prepare. If the level is relatively high, it is best to run to the beach above Burial Shadow, where blackmouth, cod, silicon fish, and catfish can all be hooked.

  When you fish 225, there should be enough barbed catfish to raise the cooking to 175. (The book of cooking breaking through 150 and the recipe of silverhead silicon fish are all in the shadows.) Buy a recipe, and the cooking can be raised to 225 instantly .

  Four, 225-300

  Step 4: Complete the task of breaking through 225.

  Step Five: Go to Steamwheedle Port, where there are recipes for advanced fish.

  Five, 300-375

  Horde, find Rengo in the Cracked Rock Fort in Tarok Forest, buy [Recipe: Spicy Lobster].

  Alliance, find the tavernkeeper Brebi in the Alleria Fortress in Tarok Forest, and buy [Recipe: Spicy Lobster].

  You need a flying mount to go to the following three lakes to catch lobsters, and these lobsters (about 30) are the best ingredients to raise your cooking skill to 375.

  Zhuowen Lake in the northwest of Rock Crack Castle, Ainol Milk Lake in the southeast of Fort Aurelia, the southeast corner of the map, near Blackwind Lake in the Skettis area.

 Six, 370-375

  [Spicy crayfish] X7.

  Seven, 375-450

  After 400, it mainly relies on cooking blueprints and spices exchanged by daily brands. In order to save some spices, 400-410 chooses to fish for northern wind jellyfish.

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