World of Warcraft leather 1-450 the most economical material Raiders wlk skinning 1-450 Raiders

World of Warcraft leather 1-450 the most economical material Raiders wlk skinning 1-450 Raiders

 World of Warcraft Leatherworking 1-450 What is the most economical material strategy? Many players still don't know what is the most cost-effective strategy for wlk leatherworking 1-450. Just follow the specific steps of the task.

World of Warcraft leather 1-450 most economical material Raiders

  1. Apply the most economical/easily available materials to grade

  2. Each formula is leveled up to green, and generally increases by 1 point each time

  3. Comrades with poor RP, it is recommended to prepare materials according to the requirements of 110%, so as not to worry about interruptions in the middle

  4. The main materials used: light leather-medium leather (=4 light leather)-heavy leather (=5 medium leather)-thick leather (=6 heavy leather)-hard armor leather (=6 thick leather)

  5. From light leather to hard armor leather, it can be synthesized from the previous level of leather, but the cost is not cost-effective

  6. (1-30-45-60) indicates that the current colors are: orange-yellow-green-gray

  Vocational Trainer Location:

  Alliance: primary and intermediate three main cities have

  Senior is on the 2nd floor of a house in the artisan district of Darnassus

  The master level is on the first basement floor when you turn left in Eagle's Nest Castle.

  Tribes: Primary and Intermediate 3 main cities

  Senior at Thunder Asia

 Master's Camp in Feralas

  Phase One: Light Skin

  1-45 light armor pieces (1-30-45-60) 1 light skin to achieve 451*45=45 light skin

  46-55 handmade leather shorts (15-45-60-75) 4 light leather 1 thick line to do 5510*4=40 light leather

  56-90 carved leather gloves (55-85-100-115) 3 light leather 2 thick thread 3*35=105 light leather

  91-110 high-quality belt (80-110-125-140) 6 light leather 2 thick lines 20 for the back and use 6*20=120 light leather

  Minimum requirement: 310 light skins, it is recommended to prepare 350 light skins

  Stage 2: Medium Hide/Medium Fur

  111-120 matured medium fur (100-115-122-130) 126-155 is used behind 1 medium fur to make 20 pieces of 1*20=20 medium fur

  121-135 black leather boots (100-125-137-150) 4 medium leather 2 thin lines 1 gray dye 4*15=60 medium leather

  136-155 black leather belt (125-150-162-175) 1 high-quality belt 1 cured medium fur 2 thin thread 1 gray dye 20 pieces, made with the front

  Minimum Requirements: Medium Leather 60 Medium Fur 20

  Stage Three: Heavy Leather/Heavy Fur

  156-165 Cured Heavy Fur (150-160-165-170) 1 Heavy Fur 3 Salt 1*20 Heavy Fur Needs 20 sheets from 180-210

  166-180 heavy armor piece (150-170-180-190) 5 heavy leather 1 thin line 5*15=75 heavy leather

  181-190 Savage Shoulders (175-195-205-215) 8 Heavy Leather 1 Cured Heavy Fur 2 Thin Thread 8*10=80 Heavy Leather

  191-210 Guardian Gloves (190-210-220-230) 4 Heavy Leather 1 Cured Heavy Fur 1 Silk Thread 4*10=40 Heavy Leather

  Minimum Requirements: Heavy Leather 195 Heavy Fur 20

  Stage Four: Thick Skin

  211-235 night headband (205-225-235-245) 5 thick leather 2 silk thread 5*25=125 thick leather

  236-255 night shorts (230-250-260-270) 14 thick leather 4 silk thread 14*20=280 thick leather

  256-265 night boots (235-255-265-275) 16 thick leather 2 thick silk thread 16*10=160 thick leather

  Minimum Requirements: Thick Leather 565

  The fifth stage: money-burning-hard armor

  266-280 Evil Leather Bracers (265-285-295-305) 8 Hard Armor Leather 1 Black Dye 1 Rune Line 8*15=120 Hard Armor Leather

  280-300 evil leather head ring (280-300-310-320) 12 hard armor leather 1 black dye 1 rune line 12*20=240 hard armor leather

  Statistics: hard armor leather 360 (the evil wallet head ring is 51 equipment, find an FM friend to dismantle it and disassemble it to get phantom dust and immortal essence, which can recover some costs

  The level requirement is 65, the skill requirement is 350, and the skill can be increased to 450. You need to find a Northrend trainer

  Skill learning NPC:

  Alliance-Howling Fjord-Valgard-Bernadette Dest<60,64>

  Alliance - Borean Tundra - Fortress of Valor - Rosemary Bowa<58,72>

  Horde-Howling Fjord-Mesa of Vengeance-Gaunt Hansen<78,28>

  Tribe-Borean Tundra-Tancare Village-Ai Wang. Iceborn<76,37>

  Dalaran - Mage Trade Zone - Diane Cannings<35,39>

  The recipes from 420 onwards need to be exchanged with items from the NPC-Brig. Thick Beard <37,29> in Dalaran. Need north wind leather X3 and the like.

  The last level 10 can only be done by making purple equipment. The formula can be obtained directly, but the materials need to be similar to the original void dropped by the last boss in the TBC hero dungeon.

  If these levels are not particularly needed or if the funds are insufficient, you can find someone to help you, which can save you a lot of money.

  The above is the content of the World of Warcraft wlk leatherworking 1-450 strategy. For more game-related information and strategies, please pay attention to We will update the most complete content as soon as possible to help you understand the game. Let's take a look.