Which class to choose in Lost Ark

Which class to choose in Lost Ark

 What career is fun in The Lost Ark? Many friends don't know what career to choose in Lost Ark, and which career is more fun. The following editor will bring the Lost Ark career selection recommendation, let's take a look.

Lost Ark Career Choice Recommendations

  This recommendation is mainly aimed at PVE. The current occupations available on the Japanese server include the following major departments except witches and male fighters: (race)

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  From top to bottom, they are: warrior type, magician type, fighting type, hunter type, hunter type (female), assassin type.

  Warriors can choose from top to bottom as Berserker, Destroyer, Warlord, and Paladin.

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  Berserker is a profession with relatively simple operation, low lower limit and low upper limit. The single-shot skill has high damage and does not require complicated output methods. It belongs to the type of face-rolling keyboard. But the disadvantages are also obvious. Berserker's skills are wide open and close, and the front and rear swings are also big. It will be cumbersome to play. It does not require high professional proficiency. It is recommended for novices to play.

  The Destroyer is commonly known as a sledgehammer, and it is a job with relatively simple operations. However, due to the problem of the output characteristics of the job, the output risk is not proportional to the output income. It is not recommended to play, but by the way, this profession is the god of 3V3 and GVG, you can play PVP with a trumpet.

  Lord of War is commonly known as the warlord, one of the three phantom gods of T0, an irreplaceable profession, super self-protection ability, unique taunt mechanism and good output ability, a warlord who can play will make your team do more with less. The father of all occupations is over. Highly recommend one of the professions!

  Paladin T0 is one of the three phantom gods. It is not difficult to operate. There are only two assistants in the whole class. It is relatively uncomfortable to upgrade in the early stage. In the later stage, everyone loves it. It is recommended to play with friends who have a fixed team.

  The Mage Department's optional job transfers are Tarot, Summoner, and Bard from top to bottom.

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  Tarot cards are commonly known as cards, crispy melee mages, the output is directly proportional to the operation (plus luck), and the experience before it is formed is poor. Although the fashion of this profession is very good-looking, it is still not recommended for novice players to choose this profession! Carefully choose one of the professions, choose carefully!

  Summoner remote output mage, double-high occupation with high lower limit and high upper limit, the highest performance body, the pilot is strong enough to output the ultimate explosion, the operation difficulty is medium to high, and the fashion is good. It is recommended for players with certain operations to play. By the way, this The profession is the same as the sledgehammer, which is the GVG team battle phantom god profession, which is extremely fierce.

  Bard T0 is one of the three phantom gods. It is easy to operate and one of the only two supports in the entire profession. It is extremely uncomfortable to upgrade in the early stage, and everyone loves the dungeon in the later stage. Friends who have a fixed team are recommended to choose.

  The fighting department can change professions from top to bottom: Fighting Master, Boxing Master, Qigong Master, and Spearman.

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  Fighting master output assists dual fierce occupation, famous 25 boys, the later legion commander version has magic set and awakening set blessing, the output is ridiculously high (Kanbok is still fierce after being hacked N knives), the skill itself is due to the characteristics of the profession The impact and coolness are good, but the output is low when it is not formed, and the operation difficulty is moderate. It is suitable for players who have operations and like to show off.

  Boxer is simple and rough in one word, with high lower limit and lower upper limit, low operation difficulty, and whether it is shaped or not will not affect the feel. The two genres of One Punch Superman are bulky but high explosive, and the output of martial arts is smooth. Like Berserker, it is recommended for novice players to choose. .

  The qigong master flicks the BOSS (past tense) with vitality. The special effect of the skill is cool, the explosion is extremely high, and the difficulty of operation is average. Because of the revision of the engraving, the magic god profession is not brilliant. Poor, unless you really like it, choose one of the professions carefully, and it is not recommended for novices. Carefully choose one of the professions.

 Spearman is one of the few professions that can switch weapons. Compared with other professions, it has more skills and is more difficult to operate. It is a profession that is directly proportional to the output and operation. It is a balanced phantom, and you can get it without too high a build. Better gaming experience, suitable for players who are confident in their own operations.

  The hunter system can be changed from top to bottom: Eagle Eye, Demon Hunter, Destroyer, Scout, Demon Hunter (female)

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  Eagle Eye , nicknamed Chicken Feet, has a good output ability and is not difficult to operate, but after playing it personally, I feel that the professional characteristics of this profession are not enough (not fun), and the player group is holding back the profession (dog head), suitable for It is suitable for eye-catching players. It is not recommended but it does not prevent you from choosing. By the way, the PVP of this profession is very disgusting, the kind opposite to disgusting.

  Demon Hunter is one of the few professions that can switch weapons, and it is also a profession that has been up for a long time. It is fake long-range and real melee. . The operation is extremely difficult, and the output is directly proportional to the operation (but the ratio is very low. For example, the spear is 1:1, and the demon hunter is 1:5). The lower limit is extremely low and the upper limit is not much higher. It requires a lot of practice to play well. The only obvious advantage is handsomeness. Occupation not recommended. Choose carefully!

 Destroyer is commonly known as guns and wheelchair monsters. The operation is simple and rough, the output ability explodes, and the pvp is still flying fiercely. The body is still hard. The only disadvantage is that the skill release is delayed. Whether it is formed or not will not affect the experience. It is strongly recommended as one of the professions .

  Scout is commonly known as Gundam, planning his own son, has been strengthening and has never been weakened, commoner God of War, strength ceiling, unlimited brushing shields, turning into faces and rolling keyboards, it is the most brainless profession in this game, not only strong but also save money, after all Extremely invincible highly recommended career.

  Demon Hunter (Female) is a 360-degree plus fully enhanced version of the male Demon Hunter. It inherits all the advantages of the male Demon Hunter and strengthens the profession in all directions. The profession is engraved with cowhide. But it is still a small crispy skin whose output is directly proportional to the operation, and its strength is closer to that of guns. It is one of the popular professions. It still needs a lot of practice to play well. It is recommended for players with excellent operations to choose!

  The optional job transfers of the Assassin Department are Blade, Half-Demon, and Reaper from top to bottom.

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  The difficulty of blade operation is medium to high, and the output ability is good after the profession is formed. The recent patch has been strengthened. Disadvantages need to be crafted, the third-level professional engraving and the third-level super-storage engraving are indispensable. As a back-to-back occupation, you must have a high level of familiarity with BOSS. It is not recommended to choose this occupation as an initial occupation.

 The semi-devil transforming profession is synonymous with simplicity and brainlessness just like Iron Man. Transforming and recovering blood, the survivability is good, the strength is medium to high, and the operation difficulty is low. It is recommended for novice players to choose.

  The god of death , nicknamed the god of death, traded a very brittle body for super high mobility and jaw-dropping instant bursts. It is extremely difficult to operate, and it is a compulsory back-up job. Like the demon hunter, it takes a lot of time to practice, and it doesn't take shape. The output is extremely scraping, pure melee, and you will die suddenly if you don't pay attention to it. Choose one of the professions carefully.


  Recommended occupations for novices: Berserker, Warlord, Summoner, Boxer, Gunner, Scout, Demigod.

  Carefully choose occupations: card, qigong master, male demon hunter, god of death.

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