Which World of Warcraft expansion made you want to quit

Which World of Warcraft expansion made you want to quit

It was briefly introduced before that after 9.0 players have been compressed, they can choose which expansion to upgrade to. The plot tasks of any expansion are enough to allow you to upgrade to level 50. At that time, I just introduced this concept. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Note: The content may change, everything is subject to the official server in the future.

Chromie time is a function that needs to be turned on manually. Its essence is to manually turn on the dynamic level.

You can find Chromie in Stormwind City or Ogg's embassy. There will also be a mark on the map to remind you where Chromie is. Here is just an example of Stormwind City:

You can see Chromie at the location marked by the hourglass on the map, that is, near the embassy, and the dialogue can start [Chromie Time]

If you enable Chromie Time, all monsters and tasks on all maps from the classic old world to Battle for Azeroth can become dynamic levels, supporting levels 1-50. That is to say, your leveling, fighting monsters, and doing tasks on these maps are always at the same level as yours. There will be no situations where the character level is too high, and the tasks are grayed out and inexperienced.

When opening Chromie Time, you have to choose the expansion you want to go to, but you don’t have to go to this expansion. If you choose an expansion and want to go to another expansion, you only need to accept the big notice of the task Just pick up the initial missions of other expansion packs.

If you want to upgrade the random version, the single-player version can only arrange the copy of the expansion piece you chose when you started Chromie Time, but if you are in the team, then you can queue the expansion piece selected by all team members, For example, if you choose Draenor, then you can only queue Draenor solo, but if you team up with a player who chose the classic old world, the two of you can queue Draenor or classic The book of the old world.

If you don't turn on Chromie Time, the levels of these maps can only be dynamically leveled in a small range. After your level exceeds the map level, the task will be grayed out and there is no experience.

Classic Old World (1-30), Burning Crusade (1-30), Lich King (1-30), Cataclysm (30-35), Pandaria (10-35), Draenor (10-40 ), Legion (10-45), Battle for Azeroth (10-50)

The reason why these old maps have a level cap is to make it easier for players to brush transmogrification. For example, the level cap of the Lich King is 30, so the monster level of Icecrown Citadel is generally around 32. Players should go to level 60 to brush The illusion is still seconds.

Although heirlooms no longer provide experience bonuses, and most experience bonus potions have become gray items, the experience required for character upgrades has been greatly reduced by about 60-70%. Some foreign players have evaluated each expansion pack to do tasks The general time required to upgrade 10-50 - of course, this number is achieved in convenient ways such as "automatic handover tasks", if you want to explore every side task, read every task text, it means longer time.

[Lord of Draenor] 12 hours!

Draenor's map is very dense, and the quest line is also very coherent - most importantly, the treasures of Draenor can provide players with experience, and there are many area bonus objectives, which also makes the Draenor expansion pack an upgrade 10 -50 fastest expansions.

[Legion] 14 hours

Legion also has relatively dense maps, rich main and branch missions, and regional reward objectives. You can also get a good experience in upgrading Legion.

【Battle for Azeroth】14 hours

As the latest expansion piece, the task intensity of Battle for Azeroth is very well designed, because players have been playing this expansion piece for the past two years, so they may feel bored with the plot, but for those who are new to World of Warcraft The game experience here is also very good for the players.

【Mists of Pandaria】16 hours

It will take longer to level up in the Pandaren expansion, because this expansion does not have regional bonus tasks that reward a lot of experience like the later expansions, but the music here is very charming, and leveling here may be Make you feel more joyful and relaxed.

[Classic Old World + Cataclysm] 20 hours

Cold wine note: Some sharp-eyed friends may have noticed that there are only 6 expansion packs in the third picture above, and there is no cataclysm. During the Chromie time, the classic old world and the cataclysm are packaged It became a whole, but the cataclysm map can only be accessed after level 30.

The biggest problem with leveling in the classic old world is the lack of continuity in tasks, especially when you want to go from one map to another, this experience is really bad, frequently changing maps to do tasks will make your Time slows down, although many nostalgic players prefer to do classic old world quests.

【The Lich King】24 Hours

Northrend is a very cold place, where everything seems to be sluggish, including your leveling, some very outdated technical tasks - remote tasks that need to press special buttons (here should refer to your bag A mission prop, and then let you use this prop against some mobs, use it about 12 times to complete missions) usually have a cooldown time of 30 seconds, waiting for the cooldown of these props will make you very impetuous, The cooldowns of these items have been shortened a lot since the Pandaren version.

But if you just want to watch the story, then this is probably one of the most coherent experiences, because everything revolves around the Lich King.

[Burning Crusade] 24 hours

Like Northrend, these old maps have a lot of problems, the cooling time of the quest items is too long, and the map is too empty-it takes too long to hand over the quests and find the quest objectives. Compared with the later expansion packs, this is simply a drudgery.

So here comes the question, if you want to practice the trumpet, Which World of Warcraft expansion made you want to quit?

By the way, if you choose Draenor, you need to complete the task line of Tanaan Jungle before you can build a fortress. In the past, build a fortress and skip this plot quest line, but in Chromie time, the monsters on Timeless Island are all level 30+, which means that level 10 players can no longer take shortcuts.

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