Traha Global: The complete Character and Factions Guide

Traha Global: The complete Character and Factions Guide

The traha game has a lot of occupations. There are six occupations in the game itself, which can be divided into many small occupations by virtue of different skill branches. The following editor will tell you which occupation is fun in traha.

1. Qigong master

(1) Qigong master is the profession with the shortest attack distance in the whole game, but this character is characterized by punching to the flesh, can approach the enemy at the fastest speed, and can use skills to suppress the enemy, which is the biggest advantage of Qigong master.

(2) Qigong Master's skills have a lot of knockdown skills and stun skills, and also have good group control skills. If you are an arena lover, then Qigong masters must not be missed, because Qigong masters are much faster than level characters in terms of speed and skill efficiency. If you only like to brush dungeons, then Qigong Master may be a little inferior, but as long as you operate well, it won't be too bad.

Two, big sword

(1) The role of the Great Sword is relatively simple, mainly relying on the two skills of "Rage" and "Tyrant" in the later stage. One of the two skills represents attack speed, and the other represents attack power. Generally speaking, The characteristic of the big sword is that it is simple and rough.

(2) Although they are both a profession, the gameplay of the two genres is completely different. The big sword of the attack speed genre can reduce the enemy's stiffness, so it is very suitable for PK and single brushing of high-level monsters, and the probability of being hit will be much lower. But the disadvantage of the attack speed genre is that the team ability is relatively low, and the advantage of the attack power genre is more prominent.

3. Sword and shield

(1) Sword and Shield is the only tank in this game, and the efficiency of single-player missions has always been very low no matter which genre the Sword and Shield is in. However, as long as it involves teamwork tasks, Daoshield is an indispensable member. We can see his unique side in protecting friendly forces.

(2) The survivability of the sword and shield profession is very strong, but the sword and shield profession is generally used to generate advanced dungeons, so it is a test of the operation of the sword and shield. A good sword and shield is definitely the most shining existence in the team.

Four, double swordsman

(1) Dual Swordsmen are also called assassins. As the name suggests, the characteristic of Dual Swordsmen is to use their explosive ability to instantly assassinate enemies. Have a certain understanding of professional skills.

(2) The double swordsman class is more suitable for sneak attacks, but there is also a disadvantage, so close range attacks are also risky. If there are teammates who can keep them and increase the BUFF, the double swordsmen will be more powerful after a successful sneak attack. Easy and safe retreat.

5. Mage

(1) Mage is one of the few characters that can fight at a long distance, and has a very large attack range, so it is very suitable for multiplayer battles.

(2) There are many professional classifications for mages, which are divided into output-type "frozen mages" and "fire mages", as well as auxiliary-type healing mages. Under normal circumstances, mages serve as auxiliary occupations.

(3) If you plan to play an output mage, then the player should pay attention to the fact that the mage is relatively weak and cannot approach the enemy or attack from a long distance. Therefore, it is best for everyone to fight monsters one by one, relying on high firepower bursts and long-range attacks to reduce the damage received.

6. Archers

(1) The archer is the most mobile character in the whole game. Players can attack the enemy first from a distance, and when the enemy gets close, they can directly use skills to pull away again. Through this operation method, the player can always output.

(2) Archers are divided into elf-type and output-type, and output-type archers are very suitable for solo battles, and are most suitable for fighting melee characters.

(3) The elf-type archer is a very versatile character, who can use healing and buffs to bring benefits to teammates.

Summary: The above six professions have their own advantages and disadvantages, and no profession has its own characteristics. You can choose according to the characteristics of the profession and your own preferences.

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