The difference between Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV

It is declared that the Final Fantasy XV will put on sale on September 30 at E3. There also plays a series of previews of Final Fantasy XV which make us know much about the FFXV. Compared with Final Fantasy XIV, there adds a lot of new items. The Flying Car is a new mount in FFXV that players need to learn how to operate the Flying Car. Once it crashes down, your game will be ended. And the car on the floor runs much faster than the Chocobo in FFXIV. Although there are many ships in the world of Final Fantasy XV, players could not control the ship, but you can randomly shift perspectives on the ship. Unlike FFXV, there isn’t the concept of climbing in FFXV. And in FFXV, there has a new special system that you can fly to any place which is selected on the map. Therefore, players will save a lot of time doing quests. Influenced by the producer, the Final Fantasy permeates the producer’s experience when he was young. Furthermore, players can save the game anywhere that you don’t need to come back to the specific site. It is great that you don’t need to be afraid of facing extremely difficult quests or dungeons. You can also save the game before the boss.