Recommend five very good FIFA 17 players

Recommend five very good FIFA 17 players

For football fans, FIFA 17 is a very fun football game, players can FIFA 17 combination of their own team and the global players Battle or with the computer, and FIFA 17 can also buy and sell players in the market, to enhance the players Of the attributes. I now play a few seats every day FIFA 17, for everyone to recommend five very good FIFA 17 players.

No.1 Goretzka, 189 tall and big, this data, 30000 FIFA 17 coins.

No.2 Stindl striker remodeled for the good of the CM. Passing very badly, plus shooting percentage also do not live up to the striker's origin.

No.3 Renato Sanches cost-effective.

No.4 more popular Forsberg, manipulation feel good, and not expensive.

No.5 Keita player is my favorite play, passing very powerful, cost-effective! highly recommended.

In order to buy these players I was a long time FIFA 17 coins, buy Goretzka when FIFA 17 coins online enough, so I went to buy some FIFA 17 coins ok is not very expensive, we also try these players it If there is a need for FIFA 17 coins online I can recommend to you.