Please Pay Attention to Your Safety When you Play Pokemon Go

As you know, the Pokemon Go requires you to wonder around in the real world to search for pokemons. There would refresh several pokemons in different places. When there is a pokemon nearby, you can see it on the main interface but you don’t know the accurate location. You need to come extremely close to the pokemon, then it will appear on the map, therefore you can step into the combat interface to seize the pokemon.

Can you realize the danger in the real world? At the beginning, players would regard the Pokemon Go is a sport game that they can walking further while playing the game, which help to do physical exercise. In fact, it is not a sport game, but it really makes players who don’t like doing exercises going out of home.

Strictly speaking, it would probably cause some dangers in real world. You need to pay attention that whether there is any danger in real world, such as the traffic accident. If you go further to the high place, you should look out for fear of falling down. There is a news that a player discovers a dead body when he goes out to search for the pokemon near the river. If you are careless, you would probably fall into the river. All in all, please pay attention to your safety when you play Pokemon Go, life is more important.