MIR4 The Best Places To Farm For AFK

MIR4 The Best Places To Farm For AFK

Gathering at MIR4 is an important part of increasing your character's power. Here are the best places to get some of the best items.

Game fans who want to try and earn real money while playing will love MIR4, as this MMO from WeMade allows players to collect certain resources and eventually exchange them for cryptocurrency. As with any free-to-play, earn-to-play experience, players will need a significant amount of Darksteel mining in order to benefit from the game. Additionally, the game's territory system means players need to be smart when planning to mine, as other players may try to steal the best gathering points from them.

Thankfully, players can actually rely on certain gathering points to become my Darksteel without too much distraction. While certain locations do require players to grow to a certain level, the presence of certain deterrents like monsters will certainly make these areas some of the best gathering places in the game. Where is the best gathering place for players who want to make money in MIR4?

5 Hikawa Town (Bikawa area)

Players who want to slowly increase their power score may need to increase their Constitution, as this will not only help their overall health, but also their character's potency. Generally, the materials needed to upgrade constitution can be collected through hunting and gathering. In terms of hunting, players can obtain unicorns, century fruits, and flower oil. At the same time, medicinal herb leaves, ganoderma and medicinal herb roots can be obtained through collection.

To properly gather the plants mentioned in Gathering, a good place to pick them is Bicheon Town, located in the Bicheon region. On the global map, selecting Gathering Sites and Quarries helps to find spaces in Hikawa to properly harvest these items. It's best to keep characters in AFK when gathering to keep them safe and still get enough materials to upgrade Constitution.

4Nefariox Necropolis (Hikawa area)

Players who want to improve their internal strength may need to seek out items such as the Great Yin Pill and the Small Yin Pill, both of which can be difficult to find without proper guidance to find them. Thankfully, there is one region that has a lot of these materials. Players who want to improve their internal power game can go to Nefarios Cemetery in the Hikawa area, especially Nefarios Cemetery 1F, to find these items.

Leaving the character AFK in the area to eliminate existing enemies can help players get related power-up items. Especially in this area, common drops in this area include flower oil, unicorn tablets, Xiao Yinyang pills, and Da Yinyang pills.

3 Snake Pit (Snake Pit Area)

Players who want to prepare for the high level of play this MMO offers may find it prudent to collect rare gems as soon as possible. These stones are needed to craft more powerful rare items, such as rare weapons and armor, which characters can use to drastically increase their strength stats.

Thankfully, rare stones are considered minerals and metals, which means they can be mined in areas located in quarries. These can all be accessed in any region's map under the "Grounds and Quarries" section. As far as rare gems go, they are best found in the Snake Pit Quarry located in the Snake Pit area.

2 Snake Pit Maze (Snake Pit Area)

Another set of crafting materials that players will need to collect for their growth includes rare variants of century fruits, unicorn slices, and flower oil . Of course, players with low power scores can still go to Bichuan to collect rarer versions of these items, but it's a much slower process. Players will need around 20 Rare Specimens of each item before they can be converted into a single piece of the Rare variant. To avoid this trouble, players may need to go to the Snake Pit Maze in the Snake Pit area, which is recommended for players around level 45 to 90.

Despite the region's high level cap, the consistent experience gain and farming of these rare commodities easily make up for the difficulty. Players who find these areas a little higher than their level can also select rare items and find the best alternative sources for them.

1 Snake Valley (Snake Pit Area)

Perhaps the most indispensable items in a player's MMO journey are promotional materials, such as Moonlight Stones, Pure Water, Virtue Pills, and rare variants of Blue Stones. All of these items can greatly enhance a character's abilities in various areas. Also, while players can find rare versions of these items in Hikawa Valley, they still need about 10 rare promotional items to get a single rare counterpart.

Similar to other rare variants of certain items, the best place to find these items is in the Snake Valley in the Snake Pit area. Considering that the monsters in this location are all around level 60, this is an area recommended for high-level players. However, given the difficulty of crafting rare materials, the inconvenience of facing tough opponents here is worth it.

MIR4 is playable on Android, iOS, MacOS and PC.

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