Lost Ark has undergone its second round of server merges on 10.12

The second round of server mergers for Lost Ark is scheduled to begin on October 12, and will receive new names after the server merger.

Last time, the server consolidation took a long time, so the team noted that we should be prepared to see another potentially long downtime. The regions for this merger are Western Europe and South America.The regions for this merger are Western Europe and South America. The downtime will begin on October 12 at 12AM PST / 9AM EST, with four affected servers becoming two in Western Europe.

Rethramis and Tortoyk will merge and become Ealyn

Moonkeep and Punika will merge and become Nia

For South America, the same process will happen, with the following servers merging and taking on a new name:

Agaton and Vern will merge and become Arthetine

Gienah and Arcturus will merge and become Blackfang

After the server merge, there will be a login bonus event. For 15 days, there will be a new reward every day, with special reward items on days 5, 10 and 15.