Lost Ark Walkthrough A Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

Lost Ark Walkthrough  A Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

Korean MMORPG  Lost Ark has finally come to the west, and with it comes a lot of complex gameplay. There's a lot to do in The Lost Ark , including sailing, leveling, PvP, gathering collectibles, and even building your own island stronghold. Our Lost Ark beginner's guide will give you the lowdown on what to focus on in the great world of Arkesia and how to get started.

Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: Try Every Class

Lost Ark currently has 15 classes to choose from, and you may decide you don't like the one you're currently playing. Don't feel compelled to commit to your chosen first-rate career. Find the class that best suits the way you want to play, whether it's close quarters and personal brawls, supporting your team with shields and healing, or fighting at a distance with magic or guns.

Leveling speed shouldn't stop you from choosing which class to play. You may be playing a slow class during leveling, but after you hit level 50 and unlock the endgame content, leveling speed doesn't really matter. For example, bards, paladins, and lancers are some classes that may slow down as they level up, but they're invaluable in endgame content.

Lost Ark Getting Started Tips and Tricks: Don't Forget Your Roster Bonuses

Rewards in Lost Ark can be claimed for your entire roster (all your characters in the same world), while rewards are for just one character. When claiming a reward, Lost Ark will forewarn you that it will be bound to a character. Try not to claim a single-character award until you're comfortable with your career.

However, Lost Ark has a number of claimable rewards that affect every character you have on a server. As you level up your character, you may notice a lot of red circles in the lower right corner of the screen. There are announcements about roster tiers, relationships, titles and more bonuses, which you must claim before any rewards can be claimed.

Make the most of multiple travel options

Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: Tripods and mounts are your friends! Triports are fast travel points where you can teleport as long as you are on the same continent. Teleportation does cost some silver coins, but there are many ways to get them in The Lost Ark , so don't worry about using silver coins to get to your destination faster. All you have to do to teleport to a Triport is to click on the Triport icon on the main map, or Alt-click on the tabbed map.

Lost Ark Walkthrough: A Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks

If you want to explore Arkesia at a faster pace, you should take your mount at every opportunity. After the prologue you'll receive your first mount; put it on your hotbar for easy access. If you want to go faster, make sure to use your sprint ability (space bar) to jump or boost to increase your movement speed.

As the story progresses, you'll have to start sailing the seas, traveling from one continent to another. After you've visited the three ports in the mainland port city, you'll be able to skip the voyage with an ocean liner. Ocean liners left each port city every minute for a small silver coin, but it was much faster than sailing from one port to another.

Resetting skill points is free

In Lost Ark , you can reset your skill point tree at any time for free. If you level up a skill that you end up not liking, you can always go back and find a combo that works better. You can try many different builds for free, so test all your skills without worrying about messing up your build. You can also save your skill presets to swap between builds at your own convenience.

Use your healing potions, but save your HP potions

Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: The Lost Ark has two different potions available: Healing and Health. Healing potions restore health over time, while HP potions instantly restore a percentage of HP. As you level up your character, you'll gain access to two potions of abundance; however, they're used in different ways. Both Healing Potions and Health Potions can be used while traveling through Arkesia, but only Health Potions can be used in some late game content (such as Guardian Raids). Try saving your HP potions for endgame content, as they can become a limited resource.

Lost Ark Walkthrough: A Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks

grab your feathers (phoenix feathers)

Lost Ark Getting Started Tips and Tricks: If you do die, you have a few options: resurrect in the nearest settlement or use the Phoenix Feather. Phoenix Plumes can bring you back to life where you died without having to run all the way back to where you came from. These can be useful when you're in a Chaos Dungeon or Guardian Raid and need to revive on the spot to kill a boss faster. You may have many at first, but if you overuse them, they can quickly become a limited commodity. You can get more Phoenix Feathers through side quests and other means, but they should be considered a somewhat precious resource.

Lost Ark Walkthrough: A Beginner's Guide, Tips & Tricks

Lost Ark Beginner's Guide: Stick to the main story quests to level up

To get to level 50 as quickly as possible, you need to complete the main quest, which has an orange arrow pointing down. These can be found in your quest logs and maps.

For those who take the time to progress through the story, there are plenty of other quests to earn useful rewards. In The Lost Ark, side quests can provide you with roster rewards that enhance all of your characters.

Tasks can have a chain link symbol after the exclamation point to indicate that it is a chained task. Chain quests are a series of quests that you complete to earn a bigger reward at the end of the overall questline. You don't have to complete all the quests, but you should check out the rewards to see if they have what you're looking for.

While there are a lot of side quests you can do, the main quest alone will effectively get you to level 50 (you have a lot of main quests beyond that).

explore at your own pace

The Lost Ark has many quests and activities to experience, which can be overwhelming for new players. Whether you want to speed up to level 50 and try to get through endgame content as quickly as possible, or level up your trade skills and complete every side quest imaginable, progress however you want. You can watch every cutscene or skip the story entirely. Find the way you want to play without worrying about falling behind other players. Experience all that Arkesia has to offer and don't let other people decide how you play Lost Ark.