How to move bricks in New World game Game moving brick experience sharing

How to move bricks in New World game Game moving brick experience sharing

 How to move bricks in New World Games? The New World can also move bricks in the game. Many players don’t know how to do it. The following editor will share the experience of moving bricks in the New World game. Let’s take a look.

New world game brick moving experience sharing

  If you want to move bricks in the game now, there are two better ways:

  1. Sell raw materials without processing, the fastest and most effective.

  But many people don’t know that it can only be picked at level 30. It’s very common by the river. Usually, it’s 200 a day, and it’s often sold for less than 10,000 gold coins. You can also pick fibers, animal skins, and iron. Hurry up, because they are all doing territorial tasks.

  Wherever you go, you can pick all the special items that can be picked, as well as boxes.

2. It is tailoring and tools, unlock backpacks and advanced tools as soon as possible. But pay attention to the level of the city. If the level of the city has not been raised, it is useless to increase the level.

  It is not difficult to earn gold coins. If you upgrade according to the notice board tasks, you will have a bunch of materials, and you can also pick a bunch of things that others cannot pick up in the early stage. For example, the three herbs in the early novice task can actually be replaced.

  There are three types of cities: novice city, the city next to the novice city, the faction task experience is more than twice that of the novice city, and the snow mountain city above, the high-level city cannot be occupied.

  Extra faction points go to the store to exchange runestones, which are needed to make backpacks and boxes. You have to reach level 25 to accept missions and go to new cities to do missions to unlock the upper limit of faction points. After level 25, there is no need to make money by selling raw materials. You can find new ways to make money, but the previous capital accumulation is also very important.

  The above is the experience sharing of moving bricks in New World games. Friends who want to know more about related strategies can continue to pay attention to Here we will push the latest and most complete strategies for you every day, so don’t miss it.