How to get free ships in Star Trek Online

How to get free ships in Star Trek Online

     Many people who have just started playing the game "Star Trek Online" may not know how to obtain some ships, so I plan to make a brief introduction here about the methods of obtaining the Earth / Star Alliance ships of various levels that have appeared in the play (not yet Contains mirror images of imperial starships, but includes Galaxy X-class dreadnoughts and extremely legendary mirror images), there may be some omissions or errors in the content, if you have any questions, please correct me!

        (The ships and skins that have not appeared in the play, or are mentioned but not shown, will not be discussed here, except for the Hernandez class (Sommerville) of the dis series, which only appears in comics; in the game Although there are unphotographed ships in the whole series of tos, they are also included here)

        Explanation: Most T5 and its fleet version can be upgraded to T5U with the same strength as T6 with the upgrade card, but there are no extra plug-ins and talent gifts like T6 .

        In the following information:

        zenT n means the Tthat can or have beenboughtzen, mostzenstore are not full versions; (zen is a currency in the game, n is a number, and T n means the stage Grade, T: Tier. The same below)  

        fleetT n means the fleet version of the ship, that is, the full version, which needs to be added to the fleet and the fleet dock facility level reaches the specific level required to purchase a certain ship, and can be exchanged for fleet points and fleet modules at the dock workbench; and if you have already bought zenT5 and above ships (most of these sentimental ships are not full version, there is a fleet version), the zen version (including plug-ins, T6 also has talent), and then buy the full fleet version (thicker hull shield, plug-in slots One more, but no plug-ins and talents) will have a big discount. A few zen shop ships are the same as some other box ships, the zen version is the highest version, there is no fleet version.  

        infboxT n (infinite box) and rndboxT n (research and development box) represent box ships, which need to be obtained by opening boxes and fighting faces. They are all full version, no fleet version. The rnd research and development box can only be purchased during a specific event time period to open a starship.

        newerT n means that novices will send some "castrated" starships during the upgrade process,  

        legnT n means the legendary series of starships, they are all full versions. 

        retroT n means the retrofit starship version that can only be bought at the dock with the fleet point, which is equivalent to the zen version and cannot be upgraded to T5U . 

        Other exceptions will be explained separately.

        In addition, for the same type of ship of different strength levels, obtaining the advanced version will unlock the exclusive skin of the advanced version, which can be used in almost any version of this ship (for example , the "Alita-class skin" of T6 light class can be used in T3 T5 brightly).

        Another note: Most starships in zenT1-4 can now be bought directly with less dilithium, but they cannot be purchased through zen alone and unlocked with the entire account. Some of the starships can still be obtained in the ship packs purchased with zen Unlock the entire account through this method; those purchased before this change will not be affected, and the entire account can still be unlocked); the latest update has launched a new upgrade card, which can use T5 starships that are already T5U and any T6 starships Upgrade to T5X and T6X , adding an equipment slot, a general plug-in slot, and a ship talent slot that can be bound to the starship itself.

The following is the appearance status and level of the United Earth /Interstellar Federation photogenic starship in STO, and how to obtain it:

    NX rank: lobiT6 (in the lobi store, lobi: the crystal that drops when unboxing), legnT6

    Dreadnought ( NV class), warp triangle ship: None

    Hiawatha type: no

    Ingle class: zenT6 fleetT6

    Crossfield class: infboxT6 legndT6

    Walker class: zenT1-4 (strength increases as the player level increases) lobiT6 (in the lobi mall)

    Shepard class: zenT6 fleetT6

    Hernandez class: zenT6 fleetT6

    Mag class: zenT6 fleetT6

    Cardenas class: zenT6 fleetT6

    Helios class: None

    Malakowski class: newerT1 dis plot characters can get one for free, other plot characters can only be purchased with a little dilithium, there is no enhanced version yet)

    Nimitz class: zenT6 fleetT6

    Hoover class: zenT6 fleetT6

    Constitution level ( dis ): rndboxT6 legnT6

    Old Heart Type II: None

    Daedalus class: zenT2 zenT6 fleetT6

    Pioneer level: newerT1 ( characters other than tos story line cannot be obtained)

    Perseus class: zenT3 zenT6 fleetT6

    Gemini class: zenT4 zenT6 fleetT6

    Scout class (also translated commando class, Ranger class ): zenT5 zenT6 fleetT6

    Atlas class: infboxT6

    ST-Planet of Titans Constitution-level manuscript: None

    Constitution level ( tos ): zenT1

    Constitution changes: newerT2 zenT2

    Constitution Constitution Amendment: rndboxT6 legnT6

    Oberth class: zenT1

    Level 3 transport ship (Kobayashi Maru type): eventT4 (event ship, not available yet)

    Miranda Centaur Saratoga Combined: newerT1 zenT6 fleetT6

    Tier 6 supply ship (Lanshu), Antale (Antares II): None

    Sydney class: None

    Advanced manuscripts: None

    Advanced Level Advanced Improvement Advanced Test: zenT3 zenT5 ), fleetT5 ), zenT6 fleetT6

    Apollo class: None

    Ambassador level Ambassador change: missionT3 (time ambassador task reward), zenT6 fleetT6

    Constellation Cheyenne: newerT3 zenT3 retroT5 fleetT5 )

    New Orleans class: zenT6 fleetT6

    Niagara, Freedom, Challenger, Springfield: None

    Nebula-level manuscript: None

    Nebula Phoenix: zenT3 zenT5 ), fleetT5 ), zenT6 fleetT6

    Galaxy level: newerT4 zenT4 zenT5 ) (can be selected for free at level 61 ), fleetT5 ), zenT6 fleetT6 legnT6

    Galaxy -Class Dauntless: zenT5 ), fleetT5 ), zenT6 fleetT6 legnT6

    Newer Star Rhode Island Type: newerT2 zenT2 retroT5 fleetT5 )

    Olympic class: newerT3 retroT5 fleetT5 )

    Eagle's Nest: None

    Fearless level: newerT4 zenT4 zenT5 ) (you can choose to get it for free at level 61 ), fleetT5 ), zenT6 fleetT6 legnT6

    Challenge level: newerT4 zenT4 zenT5 ) (can be selected for free at level 61 ), fleetT5 ), zenT6 fleetT6 legnT6

    Danube class: ecT1 (small vehicle, purchased with ec credits )

    Saber class: newerT2 zenT2 retroT5 fleetT5 )

    Norwegian class: no

    Prometheus classes: newerT5 zenT5 ), fleetT5 ), zenT6 fleetT6

    Pneumatic grade: zenboxT1 zenboxT5 ) (both are sold in one zen package)

    Light grade: zenT3 zenT5 ), fleetT5 ), zenT6 fleetT6

    Yeager type, Elkins type, Shelley type: None

    Luna class: newerT5 retroT5 fleetT5 )

    Monarch classes: newerT5 zenT5 ), fleetT5 ), zenT6 (both types), fleetT6 (both types), legnT6

    Lower Decks Series: None

    La Sirena (Mermaid): rndboxT6

    Wallenberg class: temporarily unobtainable, appears in the instance

    Curiosity level: None

    Query level: rndboxT6

The following are dis series starships in area 31 :

    Area 31 Stealth Destroyer: infboxT6

    Area 31 Nimrod class (large 4 warp cabins, extended turbine hull): rndboxT6

    Area 31 Houyi class (medium-sized 4 warp capsules, with weapon pods): None

    Area 31 Khiva class (medium-sized 2 warp capsules, with weapon pods): None

The following are the new movie KTL series ships:

    Old free class (Franklin): rndboxT6

    Kelvin type (Einstein level): infboxT6

    Kobayashi Maru, Mayflower, Newton, Armstrong: None

    Constitution level: infboxT6, legnT6 (st13 retrofit)

    Constitutional Amendment (Enterprise A): None

    Vengeance number: lobiT6 (in lobi mall)

        Note: Some starship skins need to purchase specific versions to unlock, such as: Rhode Island ( zenT2 ), Constellation ( zenT3 ), Advanced Improvement ( zenT5 ) or higher level), Experimental NX Advanced ( fleetT5 ) or higher), Union level ( fleetT6 ), Ambassador level ( fleetT6 ). In addition, some zen starships are also bundled with other ships for sale, which will be more affordable.

        Another note: Since this game has been in operation for more than ten years, many emotional starships that have been launched for a long time now seem to be much inferior to new ships, but if you like emotional starships, it doesn’t matter, old ships are well equipped You can still play well. But if you are the kind of player who only pursues extreme output gameplay, these "outdated" ships may no longer be suitable for you. Before buying a ship, please learn more about the ship's talents, plug-ins and its own attributes, and choose Useful boats for you to buy.

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