How to enhance Bless Unleashed

How to enhance Bless Unleashed

God Bless releases "BlessUnleashed" skill guide 1. There will be hidden ancient treasure chests in the swimming pool of the White Desert teleportation point. Mission 2. The White Desert equipment enhancer is an enhancement craftsman. It seems that the success rate of the enhancer in other cities is higher. Personal test 3 Elven Forest

God Bless Release "BlessUnleashed" Skills Guide

1. There will be a hidden ancient treasure chest task in the swimming pool of the White Desert teleportation point

2. The white desert equipment enhancer is an enhancement craftsman, and it seems to have a higher success rate than other city enhancers. Personal test

3. There is an ancient treasure chest next to the experimental body in the Elven Forest

4. Ancient treasure chests are refreshed randomly in an area, and you can find them by changing lines more often.

5. Smugglers sell ancient literature and open ancient weapon missions

6. Hongming Village can first add equipment to increase the success rate

7. The territory needs to be upgraded more, recruit workers, and produce good materials

8. The refresh time of the ancient treasure chest must not exceed 36 hours. The specific rules have not been found yet, and it has been opened for two consecutive days

9. Defense should be an underestimated attribute. It is very suitable for pve players. If you are not confident in your operation, you can buy two defenses. It is very fault-tolerant and has a high output of stable immortality.

10. Repairing damaged equipment does not require maintenance tools. You can use equipment with the same name to repair them. Change materials during maintenance. Some equipment is cheaper than maintenance tools.

11. The blood-sucking ring is the most cost-effective pve equipment. I am a Crescent Ranger. After using it, I almost forget to take medicine.

12. Crescent Ranger is promoted to God Blessing Expansion, followed by Swiftness, and the essentials are upgraded to 11 to recharge the flashing sword for three times, and then upgrade to accumulation

13. Taikoo altar draws 30 consecutive auras every day, it is best to use it with a purple one, which is more cost-effective than selling directly

I have been playing the game, and it is updated irregularly. If you have any questions, you can ask directly, and you will reply when you see it.

Belts, clothes, rings, necklaces, there are decomposed equipment upgrades, every time the equipment is decomposed after changing, there can be more pinions

Mining, it is best to destroy the monsters that appear in the collection, and burst the life god to upgrade the card

The monsters in the wild can fight more if they have nothing to do, and the formula will explode

Alliance bulletin board tasks remember to do alliance skills every day

Never say priests are useless, priests are really strong in PVP!!!

Correct the ancient treasure chest should be between 8-36 hours, it should not be refreshed in six hours