Guild Wars 2: A Beginners Guide To The Classes

Guild Wars 2: A Beginners Guide To The Classes

Which Guild Wars 2 novice job is better? What career should a novice choose? Guild Wars 2 has a total of three types of occupations, which are distinguished by the type of armor equipped. They are: soldier occupation, adventurer occupation and scholar occupation. Among them, warriors and guardians belong to heavy armor, engineers, rangers and rogues belong to medium armor, and necromancers, elementalists and illusionists belong to light armor.

Novice career recommendation

All professions have inherent attributes in all modes (the specific host really doesn’t know). The so-called inherent attributes are the full-level attribute values of characters that are different purely due to the occupation type after setting aside the influence of equipment and characteristic points. It should be noted that the inherent attributes are not distinguished according to the traditional concept of general RPG. For example, guardian is obviously a heavy armor profession, but it is the second-to-last anemia.

Secondly, there is no clear division of labor for each profession in this work. Although occupational bias obviously exists, it does not make the gameplay of occupations monotonous. The simplest example is that almost all occupations in this work can be equipped with melee and long-range weapons at the same time, and at the same time, all occupations can replenish blood and restore stack BUFF to DEBUFF.

A warrior can also be equipped with a longbow and rifle to fight the enemy at a distance, and a ranger can also be equipped with a long sword to fight the enemy in close quarters. A guardian can be a tank, or take the violent route to kill people. A rogue can either burst damage at close range with dual daggers, or fight attrition from a distance with a pistol. Therefore, when players choose their favorite occupation, try not to rely solely on the combat method.

Warrior: Great, my warrior!


Warriors accumulate rage through continuous fighting to unleash violent attacks (F1). As skilled fighters, warriors can go all out to fight by activating various stances at the right time and equipped with heraldry to be immune to various interferences such as control skills, symptoms and damage. Proficient in all kinds of weapons, these combat masters use the simplest and most brutal methods to tear apart the enemy's defenses, and use overwhelming momentum and ferocious bursts to win in positional battles. For fighters, hearty battle is what they desire most. When a big flag is planted, it is the courage to give up me.


Whether it is output ability or survivability, Warrior Fight can be described as extremely good. Although inferior to guardians in terms of team support, this does not prevent fighters from becoming a popular career in PVE. Ranged, melee, AOE, control skills, fighters can complete everything a team needs in PVE, and their excellent survivability makes this class almost have no shortcomings. In dungeons, it is a general-purpose occupation with high demand.


Simple and crude strategies are still strong in PVP. Whether it is the innate advantages in attributes or skills, warriors have become a profession with a high appearance rate.

Able to fight and carry, warriors and guardians are the same mainstream professions. It can be said that these two occupations together form the core part of the front row of an army (commonly known as the locomotive). Excellent control-free ability and outstanding survivability enable fighters to have full marks in large-scale exhibitions.

impressive skills

It must be the heavy blow of the sledgehammer. Despite struggling with all his strength, when the sledgehammer slammed relentlessly to the ground, the outcome of the battle was clear: overwhelming force was victory. This is warrior.

other properties

1. Warrior is the occupation with the highest population base in Guild Wars 2, and it is also one of the occupations with the highest demand. Having chosen a warrior, you will never be alone in the game.

2. Heavy armor profession, not only the armor is cool, but also all kinds of traditional weapons can be used, such as sledgehammer, sword, axe, shield, rifle and longbow, with explosive presence, one of the party's favorite appearance.

3. The operation is simple and easy to understand, even novices can fully enjoy the fun of the game.

4. In addition to the guardian, this profession is the most suitable for creating pure men and royal sisters. "Come on, hit me and see if I don't fight back." It reflects the temperament of the character.

5. The game is not idle at all. It can be said that the profession that can fully enjoy the fun is not only the guardian but also the warrior.

6. Although the operation can be said to be the simplest, but also because of the relatively small room for improvement and change, the generalization of routines also makes many players try other professions immediately after graduation

Guardian: As the coach, my task is to be handsome.


According to the official introduction, the core vocabulary of Guardians is "virtue". Virtue is also the name of the guardian's professional skills (key skills such as F1). Guardians use divine powers to provide selfless aid to their allies, and to confront foes head-on with noble fighting style. Guardians have a lot of defensive skills, including blocking, absorbing teammates' symptoms, recovering health within range, etc. If you want to be the backbone of a team's adventure and take on the responsibility of supporting a team, then Guardians are your choice. At the same time, the guardian can also hide a fierce attack in the defense, the best proof is the holy flame and the raging wave of the big sword that burst out in the block.


core profession. The guardian's excellent support ability, output ability and survivability all determine that he is an extremely coordinated role. Whether it is facing the world boss or in the dungeon, its performance is impeccable. In terms of output, the damage of the great sword is obvious to all, and the ultra-long-range group damage of the scepter has also become an essential weapon for clearing traps and pulling monsters. In terms of support, the guardian has impeccable performance. The shield that protects the companion, the timely "come to me!" and the stability of the group can make the guardian the most reassuring companion. Self-protection ability is not explained, as the penultimate anemic occupation is actually a dad (mother) in essence!?

The host thinks that the career of a commander is the most suitable, both in terms of setting and effect. The standing posture of the guardian is the best beacon to guide the soldiers. On the battlefield where control skills fly across the battlefield, the ability to stabilize is an extremely precious capital of a team, and the guardian is the team sponsor with the largest capital. Refer to the introduction of the PVE section.


From now on, it can be regarded as an indispensable occupation by default. Compared with the output ability, the guardian's self-protection ability and auxiliary ability are especially well-known in PVP. As the core figure occupying the stronghold in the team, the guardian's strong ability to continue the battle has been brought into full play. In the face of a strong offensive It can still effectively slow down the pace of the enemy's advance. The unparalleled auxiliary ability in team battles also enables teammates to output and survive more effectively, which can be said to be impeccable. On the other hand, guardians who have given up their outstanding defensive capabilities also have extremely terrifying output, so some mainstream teams will choose dual guardians, one support and one output.

most impressive skill

It must be the elegant sword of the big sword. The feeling of being pierced by the blade of the sword in the throat in the swift and fierce wind is probably only remembered by the soul under the sword.

other properties

1. Since warriors have limitations in using greatswords, and other professions have unorthodox postures when using greatswords, the best choice for players who like to wield greatswords is Guardian. Don't forget *** pleasing graphics.

2. The appearance of the heavy armor is full of details and metal effects. It matches the characteristics of the guardian class to give people a sense of nobility and domineering. Together with the warrior, it becomes the most suitable class for creating pure men and royal sisters.

3. Due to the popularity of the profession, you never have to worry about being isolated in the game. With the simplicity of operation, you can play very fun and lively without too high a threshold.

4. The professional setting ensures that even if you don't want to fight, you can still be a good support with peace of mind, which is most suitable for glass-hearted and soft girls.

5. The sentence "Come to me" fully demonstrates the attributes of a wife (big mistake), and any player with a desire for protection, strong maternal instinct or machismo can find resonance.

6. Any player who loves the Paladin profession in the orthodox RPG can find similarities in this profession.

Necromancer: Everyone loves the devil temperament!

Analysis of Guild Wars 2's eight major occupational characteristics


Commonly known as the necromancer. In stark contrast to the Guardian, the Necromancer feels decayed and nightmare. By harnessing the power of life, the necromancer opens the door to life and death, using the mysterious Death Shroud (F1) and otherworldly demons to drain the life of the enemy. Through the Shroud of Death, the Necromancer can channel the power he wrings from his enemies into his own life, and use this power to counteract the damage he's taking. At the same time, with its own terrible condition control ability and the ability to summon monsters, the necromancer can endlessly torture the opponent with freezing, poison, pain and fear.


Necromancers have excellent symptom explosive power and rich AOE skills. With the support of their own death curtain, they can consume the life of monsters unconsciously. Even if they are surrounded by many monsters (boss level is not good), they can still Take the initiative calmly. However, due to the inherent mechanism of the game, the symptom damage is not strong in the PVE part. Although no one will question the survivability and consumption ability of the Necromancer, it is undeniable that the Necromancer of the symptom genre is very powerful in both dungeons and maps. relatively inefficient. But! Necromancers who chose to forego condition damage in favor of direct damage output have also proven to be very explosive recently.


If the necromancer's condition damage is still a bit useless in the PVE stage, the situation is quite different in PVP. Necromancers can easily turn buffs into symptoms and transfer their own symptoms to the opponent. It can be said that they can apply a large amount of DRBUFF to the opponent in an instant, and easily determine the direction of the battle. Whether it is the AOE sign created by using the staff or the shackles released in the form of the curtain of death, they all exist like nuclear warheads in team battles. The fear of groups without warning is an opportunity to turn the tide of battle on specific maps and special opportunities. The most frightening thing is that the Death Shroud gives the necromancer unprecedented ability to continue fighting, and with the skill of absorbing the power of life, it is even impossible to be killed!

PS: Necromancers with direct damage have been proven to kill several other existences in seconds.

Compared with the indispensable guardian, although the Necromancer does not have such a high photogenic rate, its excellent symptoms and AOE ability still make it a place. Just imagine, when the two armies are at war, how difficult it is for the swarms, seals, and shackles that wantonly infestation among the armies, not to mention the value of group fear that can quickly take the lead for one's own side. The Death Shroud also provides a solid guarantee for the Necromancer's survival.

It must be reminded that the necromancer's ability to cope with powerful control skills is not good, which must be paid attention to in both PVP and in the game.

impressive skills

There is nothing like the moment when a necromancer steps calmly into the veil of death. Facing the inexhaustible life in the shadows and the cruelest torments of death, perhaps no defeat is more frightening than this.

other properties

1. Necromancers look like warlocks or summoners in terms of output means, but in essence they are the closest to traditional mages in Guild Wars 2.

2. The skill style is generally biased towards demons and mysticism, plus it can summon many demon babies, which is a must-have choice for players with heavy demon plots.

3. The appearance of devil babies is relatively cute (except for flesh and blood golems), and soft girls who are afraid of loneliness must not miss it.

4. The form can be switched through the curtain of death, and the skills and appearance have changed. Players who are persistent in this must try it.

5. The output is relatively slow, and the mobility is not good, so impatient players should consider carefully.

6. The refreshing and simple clothing appearance of the light armor profession is the best choice for creating cute mage girls and cool mage guys.

Illusionist: Do you want to know what is coquettish?




It must be reminded that the illusionist's ability to relieve symptoms is not good, and the deity is actually extremely fragile after leaving the protection of the illusion, please pay attention to this.

On the other hand, a group of PUs among the illusionists have obtained incredible survivability by using their extraordinary stealth ability. Although they are obviously more selfish in style, please don't doubt the self-protection ability of this school.

impressive skills

It must have been smashed with one hammer! After struggling with countless phantoms for several minutes, panting and scarred, at the moment when the illusionist started smashing, looking at the smug smile of the unscathed tactician among the dazzling butterflies, The feeling of falling to the ground with confusion at that moment is an indescribable frustration.

other properties

1. As a light armor class, you can equip a big sword. Although the posture of using it is quite different, it is more ornamental when it is carried on the body. Players who like a strong contrast between armor and weapons should give it a try.

2. The mesmer's battle color is pink, and the smashing effect will produce a large number of pink butterflies, so no matter what gender the character is, it will give people a coquettish temperament. Players who like pure men should be cautious, but it is good news for girls who love dazzling appearance.

4. Although the tactics are colorful, the output method in the battle tends to roll the keyboard, which is relatively monotonous. Players who are disgusted with this should be cautious.

5. The combat efficiency in the early stage is relatively low, but as the character grows, the efficiency will become very high. Players who are impatient and unwilling to wait for leveling should consider it.

6. Rich tactics make it tiring to play in PVP and online games. Players who like to use their brains are welcome to try it, but players who like simple and rude players should be cautious.

Elemental Envoy: Which player has never heard of Elemental!?


The flame is their anger, the wind and thunder are their excitement, the clear spring is their tenderness, and the soil is their firmness. Elementalists gain boundless strength and vitality through perfect harmony with the natural world (F1-4). Just like the impermanent nature, the fighting methods of elementalists are unpredictable. Sometimes they call on blazing flames to devour their enemies, sometimes they call on stone walls to block the violent impact, sometimes they release violent thunder and lightning to stun the enemy, and sometimes they call on flowing water to heal the wounded body. Like the generosity of nature, the possibilities of the elements are endless.


Under the protection of the natural elements, elementalists are fearless. Comprehensive combat capabilities enable Elementalist to have the last laugh in the face of even the most difficult battles. Abundant strike methods, the combination of symptoms and direct damage, good AOE ability and amazing ability to continue the battle all make the strength of the elementalist beyond doubt. Although the growth is relatively slow in the early stage, once all coordination is mastered, the elementalist can take on any mission. In the dungeon, the elementalist can not only give consideration to output and support, but also can call elemental weapons for teammates to use, so as to significantly increase the team's DPS. Although the elements make the main body very fragile, there are a lot of excellent self-protection skills in his rich skill pool. A great element is one that cannot fall.


Elements make the excellent performance in PVE continue into pvp. The versatile element allows to take on a large number of roles. Whether it is focusing on support or specializing in output, Elementalists have wonderful performances. Control, symptoms, output, treatment, and elements that integrate various abilities make there no dead ends in combat capabilities. On the other hand, the almost unparalleled endurance also makes the appearance rate of elementalists very high, which is almost a must in high-end teams.

Although not as famous on the battlefield as warriors and guardians, elementalists are still extremely important roles on the battlefield. The coordination ability of the elementalist determines his unique advantages in domain creation, and these domains can produce wonderful chemical reactions after combining skills with other professions, giving the entire team a lot of benefits. Whether it's the quickness to improve efficiency during the march, or the power in hand-to-hand combat, it can be said that almost any BUFF related to the entire team, the elementalists are indispensable. Similarly, the elementalist's ability to continue fighting makes this class one of the most reassuring classes on the battlefield.

impressive skills

The most memorable thing is the icy and crystal long bow given by the elementalist. In the dark tomb, holding a cold bow in hand, watching the dazzling arrows of ice crystals shatter the dark lair, you can't help feeling awe and gratitude for the natural elements.

other properties

1. The theme of elements is well-known in the game, and it is also a sign of traditional mages. Although the output method of the elementalist in this work is not a mage in the full sense, players who are obsessed with elements will not be disappointed—because he is proficient in all elements—and will no longer be used for fire magic and ice magic Confused!

2. Elements make this profession very difficult to operate, and it is one of the two major pianist professions. Because you must always pay attention to pressing the F number key to switch element coordination in order to maximize your strength. This class is a nightmare for players who don't like the amount of operations, but for the operation party he is perfect.

3. The relatively slow growth in the early stage makes the land reclamation period of most elementalists stumbling, and impatient players should think carefully.

4. Due to the participation of various elements, the combat effects of elementalists can be described as pleasing to the eye, without any cold spots. Under the highest special effects, the excellent light and shadow effects are dizzying.

5. It is also a versatile occupation with a high appearance rate, suitable for all players who are unwilling to be lonely and love to be lively. Players using elementalists will not be pushed out.

6. I personally think that the battle effects of elementalists combined with all kinds of eye-catching light armor clothing are the biggest boon for the appearance party.

Ranger: A celebrity without scandals is not a celebrity


Away from the hustle and bustle of the world, although the ranger did not establish a magical connection with nature like the elementalist, he used another method to comprehend the way of nature. They can communicate with animals in a soft voice, making them their loyal comrades-in-arms, and they can also call upon the spirits of all things and the will of nature to protect them. Among the well-laid traps and the fighting of ferocious beasts, there are hidden free and unrestrained arrows of rangers. In the next second, his long sword was already pointing at the enemy's throat.


With the help of pets, the wild is a ranger's world. Through the control of pets, rangers can easily transfer the enemy's hatred and find the best output position comfortably. In the face of a large number of enemies double-teaming, cooperating with pets can often save the day. In the copy, despite the general prejudice of public opinion, the ranger is not actually useless as rumored. On the contrary, whether it is a ranger's pet or summoning a beast spirit, it can play a huge role in the layout of the battle and the support of teammates. On the other hand, a ranger wielding a one-handed sword can not avoid the opponent's damage in a dexterous fighting pace, but can also effectively make up for the lack of output of the longbow. Despite its unpretentiousness, the ranger's combat style is undeniably simple and effective. At the same time, with the considerate assistance of pets, excellent rangers can stand up again no matter how many difficulties they face.


After the version change, the ranger's fighting style and positioning have undergone tremendous changes. Although no longer as domineering as the Beastmaster genre, the ranger still has a brilliant performance in PVP. In one-on-one duels, the skillful command of pets can effectively suppress the situation. The excellent range and single-target damage of the longbow also determine that the ranger can unilaterally crush the opponent at a specific output position, even if he is close to the body, the one-handed sword With the assistance of pets, rangers are not inferior to other melee occupations. There is no lack of control skills in itself, and with the excellent auxiliary ability of the beast spirit, the ranger can shuttle on the battlefield and build advantages for teammates bit by bit through frequent roaming.

It should be noted that the ranger's AOE damage method is relatively general, especially in team battles.

If PVE and PVP are still the strength of the ranger, the positioning of the middle ranger is more awkward. This is also a common problem among the three adventurer professions. The ranger's single-target advantage disappears in large-scale team battles. In a dense enemy formation, it is also difficult for the ranger's pets to play the role of restraining harassment. The survival time of beast spirits in the face of concentrated fire is not very good. Generally speaking, if it is a small-scale melee, the ranger can have more room to play.

Impressive move

It must be a dense burst of bows and arrows! When the battle for strongholds is fierce, facing the ranger who occupies the highest point and uses the range advantage to suppress the firepower, and at the same time fights the difficult black panther, the helpless feeling of being at a loss is believed to resonate.

other properties

1. The costumes of the middle armor profession generally prefer robes and cloaks, which are not only conservative but also redundant. Although they are carefully matched, they still have good visual effects, but it is a cruel fact that they are generally ugly. Appearance parties should be cautious.

2. Rangers can defeat wild monsters and take them as companions (and there are more than one). Compared with summoners, rangers have a higher degree of freedom in controlling pets. Among the pets, there are many sharp beasts such as wild wolves and cheetahs. For players who value Pokemon plots and pet plots, Ranger is your dish.

3. As the class with the highest frequency of using longbows, Ranger is the best choice for players who love archers in traditional RPGs. In addition, the appearance of the longbow in this work is indeed more eye-catching.

4. Since there is pet protection in the front, you can use the longbow to output comfortably in the rear. Ranger is the easiest profession in PVE to run the map. Suitable for handicapped players.

5. The ranger's melee is mainly based on long swords and axes. It has abandoned fancy special effects in exchange for a lot of combat actions. Players who like classical hand-to-hand combat are worth a try.

6. Due to the public opinion of the national server, rangers are more prejudiced (in fact, they are not so useless at all), so you may (just may) encounter trolls or professional discriminators in the game, so you must be mentally prepared. In addition, the "three wastes in the middle class" is by no means a vain name, and the low presence of rangers may also make players unhappy to play.

Stalker: This is the dignity of thieves.


Take people's lives. This is what a stalker seeks, crawling in the shadows. Although it has an explosive power that is unmatched by any profession, waiting for the opportunity is a stalker's strongest weapon. These master assassins, who are as vulnerable as their prey, spend most of their time lurking in the silent shadows, and every second outside the shelter of the shadows is a game of ingenuity. Use the enemy's abilities for your own use (F1), constantly wear down the opponent's mind and life alternately between stealth and appearance, and then send a fatal blow with the poisoned dagger in an instant. In the firepower of the chasing soldiers, he reached the eaves in an instant. art of assassination


Although he has extremely high single-target burst damage, the stalker's lack of AOE damage and continued combat ability makes him not a strong PVE class. Rogues don't have particularly effective means of dealing with a siege from a large number of enemies. Fortunately, the stalker's excellent maneuverability and escape ability make self-preservation not difficult. At the same time, the stalker's rich stealth and teleportation skills also enable him to play a big role in specific instances.


The stalker's blade is frightening in PVP. After sneaking close to the target, the 2-second petrification caused by the venom dagger is enough for the stalker to decide the outcome of the battle. Even if he is at a disadvantage in the battle, experienced stalkers can quickly dodge Into the shadows, save the day. In team battles, stalkers can quickly kill any enemy that is not in good condition, and immediately widen the gap in numbers between the two sides. In stronghold competition, stalkers can also effectively steal enemy positions by taking advantage of their stealth. Using the displacement of the height difference, the stalker can escape from the pursuit even more. The stalker has a strong advantage in one-on-one combat, whether it is a dagger, long sword, short bow or pistol, all of which can be turned into deadly weapons in his hands.

It must be explained that stalkers are not strong enough to fight against symptoms, coupled with their own fragility and lack of battery life, so they will lose a lot of health in the face of intensive symptom outbreaks, which must be paid attention to.

The positioning of stalkers in large-scale battles is also awkward. Although in melee, good rogues can still easily kill some vulnerable opponents, but in the absence of AOE and team contribution, such kills can hardly affect the battle situation. Moreover, in many cases, stalkers will be in a difficult situation in the face of large-scale AOE damage and symptoms in battle. Although rogues can also cut into the backline and kill some key enemy scholar classes (such as illusionist or elementalist), in most cases, this opportunity will only exist in their own advantaged situation. In a disadvantaged situation, most of the time the rogue is powerless to influence the situation of the battle.

impressive skills

Cut out the heart. Struggling desperately while the dagger is dancing like the wind, when the heart-gouging sharp blade cuts the skin from the back again and again, the futility and despair of not even being able to see the face of death is so unforgettable.

other properties

1. Stealth, backstab, teleportation. Short bows, pistols, daggers. Pure blood of thieves. I believe that an orthodox fan of thieves can definitely regain the pleasure of assassination in the thieves profession of this work.

2. There is no CD for this professional skill, instead it consumes "initiative value" (commonly known as energy).

3. Although this profession is very cool to kill and the operation itself is not difficult, it is a test of the player's consciousness. Similar to the illusionist, it is a profession that takes a lot of energy to play.

4. Compared with the elaborate layout required for killing in PVP, killing monsters in PVE will be a bit boring and mindless to be honest.

5. One of the three wastes in the middle class, the sense of existence is very low (except for scouts), and sometimes (only sometimes) it will be sprayed by professional discriminators in dungeons.

6. Together with the undead, it becomes the most suitable occupation for black clothing. A large number of masks and headgear in this game are tailor-made for this profession.

Engineer: Did you see my backpack!


Engineers are skilled practitioners of invention. They always have all kinds of weird potions, machines, accessories and weapons waiting for them to experiment. The rich skill sets of Engineers make their combat style difficult to define. These crazy inventors sometimes use grenades and bombs to inflict a lot of condition damage on the enemy in the explosion, sometimes they hold rifles to defend their homes in the fort, and sometimes they spray elixir and throw potions to become field doctors. They stepped on the rocket boots to pass over the enemy's head wantonly, and they drank the shrinking potion and danced and reveled in the artillery fire. Inspiration and creativity are the names of these madmen.


The rich skill set of an engineer makes this profession as versatile as an elementalist. The difference is that elements use coordination, while engineers need to modify the role configuration (commonly known as BD). Engineers who lack enough weapon packs and slot skills in the early stage are relatively weak. With the growth and completion of skills, this profession can maximize its potential. Whether it is direct damage, condition damage or support, it has a good performance. Due to the strong variability of its own fighting style, and its rich AOE damage and self-protection means, although there is no clear positioning in the dungeon, any needs of the team can be met.


The rich variability of Engineers allows them to actively assume various roles in PVP, however, the most widely accepted role is still to assume the role of attacker. Engineers can use the changes in skill groups to have the most skills in the entire class. Grenade packs, bomb packs, and potion guns perform especially well in symptom outbreaks and mixed damage. At the same time, the rich variety of forts also makes them recognized as the most difficult defenders of strongholds. The prominence of engineers in AOE makes them play an important role in team battles, and the super long-range grenade allows them to cause huge troubles to the opponent once they occupy a favorable output position.

It is worth mentioning that although Engineers can only be equipped with two long-range weapons, pistols and rifles, their actual combat style is the medium-range type. Although known as the nemesis of progress, in the face of strong long-distance occupations, if the engineer cannot close the distance, he will be passive. This point should be paid special attention to.

Due to good support and output capabilities, the position of engineers in the game is not as embarrassing as that of rangers and thieves, but a fatal problem prevents this profession from becoming mainstream on the battlefield: engineers lack stability skills and AOE control, and in large-scale battles. The survivability is not good when the enemy is under intensive strong control. On the other hand, elementalists can replace engineers in most cases on the battlefield, because in mobile battles, the turrets that engineers are proud of cannot give full play to their advantages.

other properties

1. The engineer's weapon bag skill will change the appearance of the engineer's back, and the original backpack will be replaced by the corresponding backpack of the weapon bag, which makes the appearance rate of the engineer's backpack relatively low. In addition, according to the feedback of many people, the backpack corresponding to the weapon bag is very ugly in appearance. Fortunately, as long as you cast a skill, these ugly backpacks will be replaced by the original backpacks again.

2. Engineers can only choose shields, pistols and rifles. In addition to the shield, the other two weapons have basically no bright spots in appearance (this is one of the reasons why engineers are hidden professions). For the appearance party, the engineer's weapon or need to let you down.

3. The operation of the engineer is very difficult, and it becomes the two major pianist professions together with the element. It is also a profession with high rewards once mastered, it is up to the player whether to choose him or not. However, the engineer who chooses to use the turret as the output method is very unskilled in operation.

4. Although the early growth of engineers is relatively slow, it is not as slow as that of elementalists, and because of the existence of weapon packs, it will be more fun in battle.

5. As one of the "three wastes in China", the engineer suffers the least discrimination compared to the other two, and there is basically no discrimination in the dungeon. However, if the engineer plays well, he will be more miserable than the other two. In the middle, although the sense of presence is not high, there is still something to do to keep up with the big troops.

6. Engineer is the most unpopular job in the game. Do you want to be different? Tired of all fighters and guardians? This job will always make you feel different.

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