Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guides and Walkthroughs Description

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guides and Walkthroughs Description

Leveling in Final Fantasy 14 should never be your main struggle, but making the process more effective for your alts is essential to enjoy. All the way from level 1 to level 80, here's a complete Final Fantasy 14 leveling guide and walkthroughs to balance combat work in the game.

Leveling in Final Fantasy XIV isn't a one-off issue thanks to the game's alt-job system. While most MMORPGs lock players into a starting class, Square Enix allows all work to be performed on a single character. Because of this, one challenge that most players will eventually encounter is finding a new job. Alternatively, new players may be wondering how they'll reach the level cap ahead of the next expansion, Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker. The alts of progression and your main experience will vary, but both can rely on these helpful hints. Here is a final fantasy 14 upgrade guide and walkthrough.

Final Fantasy 14 Upgrade Guide: Main Scenario Tasks

This is the first task of every player. Main Scenario Quests (MSQs) are just the story of the game and are essential in many ways. First, they have some significant experience bonuses that trump most side quests. While they don't quite reach the level of dungeons and raids in terms of experience, they're generally much faster. As far as your starting work goes, you don't need to spend too much time continuing the story. As long as you do a roulette or side hustle activity once in a while, you shouldn't run into a barrier to progress.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guide and Walkthrough - Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Official Full Movie Trailer

This is why most veterans will tell new players to just focus on the story at first. This is undoubtedly the fastest route to get your major to the next level milestone. Another important thing to consider, however, is that many other lucrative sideline activities unfold through stories. The game does not allow the player to leave the game after reaching the correct level and encounter new content. In many cases, MSQ must be completed first. Spending time in the early game just slows down your level travel and leads to the least amount of variety in the game.

A grade in Final Fantasy 14 means prioritizing your main work, which the MSQs will cover. However, this approach, combined with others in the guide, can make it seem too mediocre. Reaching the level early means a lot of MSQ experience will be wasted. If the player is willing to pause the story occasionally, it's worth considering getting another job to follow up before continuing. With proper planning, you can end up with the latest expansion with multiple jobs reaching the highest level.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guides and Walkthroughs DescriptionDo not grind before MSQ.

Roulette on duty

This will become an important part of your routine, outside of your main job. Having said that, it is recommended to do these every day, even during MSQ. Joining Duty Roulettes may double your progress, as long as you have enough spare time. They're just a random matchmaking system for various dungeons and raids in Duty Finder. What stands out about them, however, is the experience bonus, which increases significantly once a day. This means that each type of roulette offers a bonus reward the first time you complete it each day. The early game contains only one usable roulette, but as you progress, more will be unlocked, and this is an important Final Fantasy 14 leveling guide and walkthrough.

The rewards of the leveling roulette are particularly generous, as is the alliance roulette. Others such as 50/60/70 level roulette, trial roulette and normal raid roulette have less experience rewards but are still beneficial. Based on the above operations, you should be able to easily see at least level 1 after 50 every day. Final Fantasy XIV leveling guide: Although the content you run is random, the experience rewards are synchronized, so even low-level dungeons are worth doing.

Perhaps the most controversial roulette when flat in Final Fantasy 14 is the main situational roulette. The reason is that the two dungeons take too long. They contain irreducible clip art, making them even more tedious. Castrum Meridium takes an average of 20-25 minutes per run, while the Doge's Palace takes about 45 minutes. It's a considerable time drain, but it's compensated by some of the highest possible experience rewards. Roulette, though tedious, can make an extra grade of difference every day. It is recommended to have another activity on the side, such as a TV show, just mute the animation.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guides and Walkthroughs DescriptionRoulette at least one day.


This mechanic was introduced early on, but then its usefulness fluctuated. In the early stages of work, hunting logs are a useful agricultural tool. Every mission starts with a target log, and once the target is found and killed, it is rewarded with generous experience. Completing a full page journal will provide an additional significant benefit. Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Walkthrough: Doing this is one of the fastest routes to level 16, which is a requirement to unlock your first roulette. If you're starting a part-time job, this is your number one priority. It's also wise to wear the experience boost ring you get from the Novice Lobby.

The returns on the hunting log dwindle rapidly after the first two pages. Then you'll want to unlock the hunt from your big company. This can be started via the quest "Let the Hunt Begin". This will unlock the ability to hunt the Marks specified in the Daily and Weekly Offered Hunt Marks Bill. At this stage, it's basically useless leveling, as it only rewards a unique currency called Alliance Stamps. However, it's crucial you unlock this so you can progress to more profitable hunts in the expansions below.

Clan Hunting is unlocked in Paradise by completing "Let the Clan Hunting Begin" in Basics. The Veteran Clan Hunt is unlocked in Storm of Kulgan through the "One Star Veteran Clan Hunt". Likewise, in Shadowbringer, the Nut Clan Hunt can be obtained by completing "Nuts For You" in Crystarium. Their behavior pipeline is the same, by finding targets on mark notes, but they also provide experience bonuses in addition to currency. Adding these to your routine can make your balance time in Final Fantasy XIV much shorter.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guides and Walkthroughs DescriptionProvide experience upwards after hunting.

Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Guides and Walkthroughs: Horde of Beasts

The Horde of Beasts is a feature of the game that many players can easily miss. Like many side activities in the game, they're hidden behind blue-marked side quests. However, what works for the Beast Horde quest is first impressions. Players will first encounter different tribes when a kingdom is reborn. While some tribes also allow you to upgrade your crafting and gathering jobs, in this guide the focus is on combat. The first four tribes that meet this point are the Sahagin, Silver, Kobold, and Amargia. Unfortunately, their payoff is meager, and their usefulness is almost entirely redundant once you hit heavy.

Players shouldn't let this poor first impression deter them from making contact with future Beast Hordes. While it was ramped up in Heavensward, it wasn't until Stormblood that it really started to benefit players a lot. Kojin and Ananta offer daily quests (minimum 3) that offer huge experience payouts. They don't provide enough levels to improve themselves, but their additions are hard to miss. Likewise, the horde of elves in Shadowbringer provides a lot of experience for Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide: The beauty of these methods is that they're usually pretty quick and easy, especially if you've already unlocked flying. To start the Storm Beast Horde, you must first travel to the Ruby Sea. The Kojin quest to turn on this feature is called "God's Gift". The Ananta quest "The Brooding Mother" is unlocked in The Edge. However, it requires players to first complete various other blue-marked quests in the area. Finally, the Shadowbringer Elf Horde quest is unlocked in Il Mheg through the "Manic Elven Dream"

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guides and Walkthroughs DescriptionFinal Fantasy 14 Upgrade Guide: Horde of Beasts is worth it.


This is another feature hidden deep in the game system, so it is easy to ignore. After joining the big company, the player should turn in the seal to accept the promotion. While it's hard to see the benefit of this at first, eventually the rank of ensign will also provide a squadron. This is actually a group of NPCs that players can use to run old dungeons in place of other players. They have their own levels, so they need training and regular outings to improve, but it's worth the trouble.

After completing a few squadron missions, players will unlock command missions, which allow them to manage the dungeon themselves. While your team's AI isn't ideal, proper use of command hotkeys will tide you over. Your squadrons can also compensate for fairly high damage, so it's not as slow as the trust system. Experience is also very generous and is a great pipeline after starting flat 20.

The players who benefit the most from being in a squadron are DPS players. As anyone who has worked on a DPS will know, the hours are much longer. The wait time to enter the dungeon will really reduce your available grind time. Final Fantasy 14 leveling guides and walkthroughs: Thus, being able to enter dungeons instantly, even with lesser AI, prevents your DPS rating from falling behind. However, after level 50, the effect of the reward is significantly reduced, and after level 60, it is basically useless. Players should only use it as an early leveling method in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guides and Walkthroughs DescriptionInvest in your team. They will pay you back.

Deep Dungeon - Final Fantasy 14 Upgrade Guide

The two available deep dungeons, Forbidden City and Heaven at High, are some of the fastest ways to level DPS. These roguelike instances consist of randomly generated floors that provide a great deal of experience. They also offer an independent leveling system for each run, so you can start them in no time. Another advantage is that they have no fixed party requirements, so the 4 dp can run together.

In New Gridania, the Palace of Death is unlocked on level 17 with the quest "The House that Death Built". After beating level 50 of the dungeon, players will be able to unlock the dungeon in Stormblood. In the Ruby Sea, you can enter Heaven through the quest "Knock on Heaven's Door". They can run with a team or alone, but progress is reset when failing or trying a new job.

While this method is quick, it's fairly repetitive and can cause some frustration. There is a meta-to-ideal approach to deep dungeons that not everyone understands. Ideally, players should rush to the exit as quickly as possible, rather than splitting up. Unfortunately, you can't help but occasionally get a player who refuses to cooperate. They may wander off alone or refuse to leave without fully exploring. It can lead to a frustrating long-term experience, especially with so many pitfalls to avoid. Thankfully, it's hard to deny that this is one of the fastest means of pinging Final Fantasy 14. The Palace of the Dead is the fastest route to the 60th floor, while Heaven will send you to the 70th floor.

Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guides and Walkthroughs DescriptionIt's quick and easy if you have a great party.

Take it easy

All of the above Final Fantasy 14 leveling guides and walkthroughs, especially in combination, can make leveling from 1 to 80 fairly easy. That being said, no one should expect it to be over in a matter of days. A healthy approach should result in at least a few weeks of break-in. This will prevent a feeling of burnout that can easily turn you off from the game. In addition, completing multiple tasks at the same time is also a way to spread energy. Set goals for yourself and take the time to enjoy each job instead of rushing to the next.

It's also important to realize that there is no pressure to move up a job. If you're happy with a job, that's your right, and no one can blame you for it. But once you reach the highest level, it's a pity not to reap the rewards of bonus roulette and MSQ content. Levels in Final Fantasy 14 are an opportunity to experiment and expand your horizons, not a requirement. This is not starting from scratch, but an opportunity to take the next step forward.