FIFA 23 World Cup Mode - What Happened

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode - What Happened

There is still about a week before the official opening of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. As the top sports event in the world, the World Cup held every four years is naturally a feast not to be missed for fans. In this year's World Cup in Qatar, in addition to the championship battles of top teams such as Argentina, France, Brazil, and Germany, a group of veterans including Messi and Ronaldo will also usher in their respective championships in the World Cup. The curtain call on the show. Excitement is accompanied by sadness, making this Qatar World Cup, in the next month or so, destined to become the focus of attention of fans around the world.

"FIFA 23" has updated the World Cup mode, can it really help fans realize their dreams? 

Although the reality of the World Cup in Qatar has not officially started, but in "FIFA 23", players can already feel the enthusiasm of this World Cup in advance. On November 9th, EA finally pushed the first content update patch after the release of this year's "FIFA 23", bringing players the long-awaited World Cup mode.

In this mode, players will be able to simulate every match of the World Cup in Qatar, obtain the latest match and team data in real time, and create their own unique World Cup match experience through single-player/online tournament play. It is worth mentioning that, as the last "FIFA" in the official contract between EA and FIFA, the World Cup mode of "FIFA 23" this time is likely to be the last chance for players to play this mode in the series. Therefore, interested players must try it out. 

Enter the game after the update, the first option in the home menu is the newly added World Cup mode.


After entering this mode for the first time, in addition to a short animation showing the emblem of the World Cup in Qatar, the game will first ask players to choose their favorite team among the 32 teams shortlisted for the World Cup. This choice is not fixed, and players can change their favorite team at any time in the game menu. And its function is mainly to introduce the basic information of each team to the players, including how many times they participated in the World Cup, what classic scenes have been staged on the field, and the achievements they have made in the World Cup over the years. best result. For football fans, this function is undoubtedly full of feelings and memories.


After that, players can see the main menu interface of the FIFA 23 World Cup mode. These include four game modes: "FIFA World Cup Real Time", "Tournament", "FIFA World Cup Start", and "Online Tournament". In addition to the distinction between wired and offline gameplay, the most unique of these four modes is the "FIFA World Cup real-time" mode that can be fully synchronized with the reality.


In this mode, players can experience every game that will be staged at the Qatar World Cup in the next month. Whether it is the points match in each group that has already drawn lots, or the knockout stage from the quarter-finals to the finals. The schedule in the game, the starting lineup of each team, the statistics of the game and other information will be completely synchronized with the reality of the World Cup in Qatar. Players can choose to experience the latest or completed games, and then manipulate their favorite teams to predict or rewrite their fate in this World Cup.

For fans and players, this mode is naturally the most worthwhile experience in this World Cup mode update. Because it perfectly realizes the real-time synchronization of online and offline schedules, it is convenient for players to obtain accurate event information at the first time. As the first characteristic gameplay in the series, it greatly enhanced the player's sense of substitution during this World Cup.


In addition, there is a game called "Your FIFA World Cup" in this mode, which will give players a higher degree of freedom. Players can choose their favorite national team and start from any stage of the World Cup schedule , to play the game. The team will inherit all its data in the real game, and at the same time allow players to rewrite the results of this World Cup with their own skills, and take home a virtual Hercules trophy for their favorite team.

However, at present, this gameplay has not been officially opened to players. Players can experience this gameplay only after the World Cup in Qatar officially begins.


In addition to this unique mode that simulates the World Cup schedule based on real-time match data, the "FIFA World Cup Kickoff" mode allows players to choose a single match at any stage of the World Cup for simulation, while offline and online tournaments allow players to Starting from the group stage and the knockout stage respectively, all the way to the final finals, compete with your friends, computer AI and online players for the final Hercules trophy.

Among these modes, what attracts us domestic players the most is that we can control the Chinese team that has not been shortlisted for the World Cup in reality to launch an impact on the Hercules Cup. Although the actual national football team seems to have a long way to go before qualifying for the World Cup group stage, this does not prevent players from fulfilling their dreams for many years in the virtual game world.

"FIFA 23" has updated the World Cup mode, can it really help fans realize their dreams? 

After talking about the changes outside the game, let's talk about the difference between the World Cup mode and other gameplays in this game that players can feel in the actual game. These differences are mainly concentrated in the performance animation of the game, the commentary voice of the game and the changes of the court.

The newly added commentary voice package can be regarded as a relatively satisfactory part. Especially Wang Tao and Su Dong, the two domestic fans are already very familiar with the game commentary, and this time they also recorded a new commentary voice package specially for the World Cup in Qatar. In this version of the voice pack, in addition to introducing the starting lineups and formations used by the opposing sides to the players before the game as usual, they will also introduce their respective achievements in the World Cup. Eye performance, as well as comments on players and teams, etc. In addition, the opening and closing remarks of different stages will also change. All of these have brought an immersive experience different from previous games to players who love the World Cup.

"FIFA 23" has updated the World Cup mode, can it really help fans realize their dreams?

In order to allow players to further feel the enthusiasm of the World Cup through the screen, the stadium in the game has also been reshaped. In addition to the newly added two Qatar World Cup exclusive stadiums, every stadium that appeared in the game was filled with a festive and festive atmosphere

For example, before the start of each game, you can see fans inside and outside the stadium waving the national flags of their respective countries, cheering enthusiastically for the upcoming game and the players. There will be a large number of golden papers floating in the sky above the stadium, which further reflects the grand occasion of the World Cup.

"FIFA 23" has updated the World Cup mode, can it really help fans realize their dreams? 

Of course, the close-up of the Hercules Cup and the animation of the winning team holding the cup are naturally an indispensable part of the World Cup mode.

"FIFA 23" has updated the World Cup mode, can it really help fans realize their dreams? 

Combining these changes, the World Cup mode of "FIFA 23" is indeed full of sincerity. Even if players can't watch the World Cup in person, they can still feel the charm and enthusiasm of the world's top sports event through the World Cup in the game.

Whether you want to follow the real game all the way, reproduce the wonderful moments of each game in the game world, or want to lead the Chinese team to win a virtual Hercules Cup and fulfill the dream of hundreds of millions of Chinese fans for many years. In the World Cup mode of "FIFA 23", you have plenty of freedom to realize these ideas. The game provides a wealth of mode choices and rigorous game data to help every player create their dream World Cup schedule. This naturally has a very special meaning for fans and players.

Although after this, we may not be able to experience such an excellent World Cup mode in the series for a long time, but at least this time "FIFA 23" has handed over a game that satisfies all fans and players. answer sheet. In the next month, let us enjoy this once-in-four-year football feast together in the real and virtual worlds.

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