Elder Scrolls Online Latest Event Announced

Recently, the Elder Scrolls team held a special Fall of Brittany event where they took a deep dive into the that goes live for everyone, and how players can get the Song of Fire DLC for free.

OtherFiresong DLC, which was released in November. They've rounded up all the highlights, including the prelude elements of this year's DLC and story content, including returning characters, will be fused with political intrigue and conflict, on the floor, Galen Island and how the Druids and their legends relate to the Breton heritage Stories are connected.

In addition to the practical details in the DLC, there is a way for players to unlock the Firesong DLC for free themselves. The High Isle Heroes event announced earlier this week for players with the 'High Isle' chapter consists of several community objectives involving players completing the High Isle Pathfinder achievement. The more players explore and unlock, the greater the reward. They also announced that the Firesong DLC will be available for free to all High Isle owners when it is 100% complete.