A Cosplayer Taking a Fake Fun is Mistaken as a Terrorist and Arrested

Recently, there happens many terrorist attacks in some districts. In order to keep residents safe, there strengthens safety management all over the world. Where there is a cosplay exhibition, the cosplayer is forbidden to take any weapon. Do you like cosplay? When you are cosplaying, be careful!

There is a man called William Morris coming to New York to take part in the Premiere of a the Suicide Squad which is a cartoon movie. In order to support the movie and show his enthusiasm. The man cosplays as Rick Flag and takes a gun props which is transformed by an air gun to board the train. To his surprise, his image causes other passengers’ scares. Some passengers even doubt that he is the terrorist and call the police. Therefore, he is arrested by the police, obtaining a accusation.   

Nowadays, you couldn’t cosplay arbitrary at any place, especially that you couldn’t take a weapon in the public place, or you would cause some troubles. If at home, you can do any cosplay you like!