WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gear Guide- How to Get FULL Gear in ONE MONTH in WOW classic SoM

WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gear Guide- How to Get FULL Gear in ONE MONTH in WOW classic SoM

WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gear Guide- How to Get FULL Gear in ONE MONTH in WOW classic SoM

It's now been over two weeks since the classic wow Season of Mastery was released. Wow classic Season of Mastery is not short of stupendous avenues for gearing up your character. So this is the perfect time to start talking about gearing up, Season of Mastery has significantly further content available from the get- go at 60 than Classic WoW had in phase 1, content that can give your character with some veritably strong gear to step outside Molten Core with, and you may not know about all those new avenues available to you. 

Moment participating a gearing companion for WoW Classic SoM, from the easiest ways to get gear, and therefore the bones you should do first, to the hardest, so the bones you should leave for last. 
WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gear Guide-How to Get FULL Gear in ONE MONTH in WOW classic SoM 

1. Questing 
 Alright first out, just like it's the case in every wow expansion, your first avenue for gearing up is gon na be through questing. And questing in wow Classic can give you with some veritably good pieces of gear that you might be keeping for a veritably long time, that is why suggest you start with this right down. 
 Now before going further into questing, then is a disclaimer for you if you are still, and this is only a concern at the advancedlevels.However, always elect the bone you are gon na use for the spec you are gon na be raiding with, you'd be surprised how numerouspre-raid bis pieces you can come across while questing, If you come across some of these searches that award you with any choice of armor or munitions. 
 Immaculately, you'd want to check yourpre-raid bis list to know these in advance, but you could also just always elect the bone for your marauding spec say once you reach position 50. But to name just a many exemplifications of hunt price particulars, you will be keeping for a while, you have the leggings of the Ursa for fury soldiers, for illustration, comes off a position 50 hunt in Felwood and you will be keeping those until you manage to get the legs from the last master of Dire Maul West. 
Mark of Fordring is another important piece neck that you will be keeping as a ruckus or huntsman until you get the neck from Onyxia's head. Spirit of Aquamentas from a hunt in un'goro for casters, and much further effects like. So check yourpre-bis list, and make sure to either do those searches while or at least formerly you uttermost position. 

2. Casting

Your coming avenue of gearing in Classic is gon na be drafted gear, either casting those effects yourself, hence why choosing the right professional is important in this game or getting another player in your council or someone you know to craft them for you if they are boe.
Do not recommend buying stuff directly from the transaction house, it's generally gon na bring you more. Effects like Lionheart Helmet, Heart of the Wild, Robe of the Archmage to name just a many, or indeed more introductory effects like the Felcloth set or the Frostweave set to start with, you are presumably not gon na have enough classic wow gold at the moment you hit 60 to get all these effects, so those are more suchlike long term effects to end for, especially the grand pieces.

But recommend starting working on those as soon as you can. The question is should spend your gold on your grand mount first or on one of those important grand pieces? It's over to you, if you are someone who farms a lot of gold in the outside world, the grand mount could be a great investment, but if you are someone who is only into marauding, you can start with casting those important gear pieces.

3. Dungeons 
 The coming avenue of gearing that you should get into is dungeons. Classic has a lot of dungeons available at maximum position, and with Dire Maul being available from the launch now, unlike with the first replication of Classic, you will be busy doing dungeons for quite a longtime.However, you know how insane certain dungeon pieces can be and how long they will last you, If you've played Classic. In the first replication of Classic in 2019, Hand of Justice fully aimlessly while doing BRD while, and kept that thing into Naxxramas, and indeed used it in Naxxramas for certain heads or Spellweaver's Turban from General Drakkisath, that is another new thing available from phase 1 and this will last you for a veritably long time. And of course, how couldn't mention the dungeon set 2, aka league0.5. This gear was designed to give players who did not raid, raid original gear. 
But do not get too agitated about the dungeon set 2, it's better for certain classes than others. For hellions for illustration it's just insane, you will be keeping the four- set for this into AQ40. For utmost other classes, you will only be using one or two pieces, or indeed no pieces at all for utmost healers. 
 Dungeons in Classic are super good for gearing, and now they should be easier to form too with the presence of summoning monuments near each dungeon's entrance, so people should be more down to forming groups for these or joining groups for them. That being said they are still Classic dungeons, so relatively long and relatively tedious for some of them. 

4. Reports 
 Next up character merchandisers, so unlike in TBC and posterior expansions, Classic does not have a lot of reports that offer gear the only bones that do are the PvP reports. Among those, the easiest one to level up is the Alterac Valley rep, you will need to share in quite a many AVs to reach exalted, and obviously, you will get further rep by winning, so how presto you reach exalted will depend on how good your body is in AV. 
But the AV rep has some veritably solid pieces for a lot of classes, recommend you get it to exalted sooner rather than latterly if there is commodity you can use from then. Also the other two reps are the Warsong Gulch rep and Arathi Basin rep, fully day and night in terms of the time, it takes to reach exalted compared to AV, that being said some pieces are indeed more insane to get from then. 
 Pieces that were added in after phases of Classic, but that are available from the get- go in Season of Mastery, so if you do not mind some PvP and can invest some time in those BGs, you will be awarded with some crazy pieces, of course not for all classes and specs, so first check what there's to get before you make your decision. 

5. Silithus 
 Next over real hot, for Season of Mastery Blizzard enabled Silithus dukes and royal lords from the get- go now in phase 1, those are heads you can summon by tilling Twilight Sets from the twilight mobs around the camps in Silithus, also summoning Templars, you can kill those with 2 to 3 players, also after you kill enough Templars you can summon Dukes, those bear at least 5 players to kill, also after you kill enough Dukes you can summon the big Royal Lords, those bear way bigger groups, anywhere from 15 to 20 or 25 to down. Dukes formerly have some veritably good pieces that they can drop, unexpectedly enough some of them are also BoE, so they could be great for making WOW gold classic, and obviously, the big royal lords are gon na have the stylish spoil tables, with grand raid original gear that they can drop. So look into those, perhaps there is commodity you could use from them. 

6. Raiding 
 After you've exhausted all those avenues of gearing and got a good quantum ofpre-raid bis gear, you are ready to set bottom in raids. Marauding is harder in Season of Mastery, much harder, so you will presumably want to get a good quantum of gear before dabbling with this. Now two weeks into World of Warcraft SOM Classic and no bone indeed set bottom inside Molten Core or Onyxia, and it's not like there is a deficit of position 60 people, there is further than enough in utmost waiters to attack raiding, but people know how tough it's come now and they presumably want to get prepared relatively completely before dabbling with it. 
Anyways with Molten Core and Onyxia available now, there are some nice pieces to get in medication for Blackwing Lair and beyond. Effects like Quick Strike Ring, the Onyxia Tooth Pendant, Talisman of Ephemeral Power, Ring of Spell Power, Choker of the Fire Lord to name just a many, are all relatively solid pieces that you will be keeping for a while. Speaking of forthcoming raids this is commodity that is gon na be available in the future, but ZG is a nice and easy 20 man raid that has relatively a lot of neat pieces of gear to get from, and after that, formerly AQ releases you also have AQ20, another 20 man raid, not too hard and which has great pieces to get for people who can not invest the trouble into getting in those harder 40 man raids. 
 But, with all the insane avenues of gearing outside raiding available now in World of Warcraft Season of Mastery, it makes raiding less important in terms of gearing than it was firstly, so do not feel bad about skipping a week or two of raiding, or not indeed raiding at each, it's less important now, especially in phase 1. And with raids releasing every 4 months or so, it means that utmost people won't be completely raid geared presently. 
Anyways let move on to the harder avenues of gearing, at this point getting into content that you will have to invest knockouts or indeed hundreds of hours into to indeed get a single piece of gear from, so not recommended for casual players, but if it's your thing, go for it. 

7. Ranking 
 And, to start, PvP ranking gear, ranking up in wow Classic SoM is now supposed to be doubly easier roughly according to Blizzard, but doubly easier still does not make ranking any easy at each. You will still be investing knockouts of hours per day at the advanced species to climb the graduation, and if you stop, you will fall behind inversely as presto. 
But that being said, if you can manage to reach rank 11, 12, 13, or god prohibit, 14, you will be going home with some insane gear that will last you for a veritably long time. Again, certain classes will make better use of this than others, fury soldiers and nimrods will be wearing the full set at least until BWL. Healers do not have important use for this obviously, and other classes will only make use of the rank 10 and 11 pieces for illustration. 

8. World Heads 
 History that, you have world master gear, it's hard to say whether world heads are harder than PvP ranking that will depend on your council and who you are contending with, but world heads are generally insanely hard to get a label for, people will be boarding those 24-7, and making summoning networks for them, so you will see orders popping at a world master position the moment they generate if not all formerly there in the first place of course. But world heads have some stupendous spoil, rystal Adorned Crown, aka CAC, from Azuregos being an inconceivable mending headpiece applicable up till AQ40. 
Empyrean Demolisher from Kazzak was also an inconceivable mace for soldiers that replaced in Naxx, and Fel Invested Leggings from Kazzak too are also crazy for witches, not sure for how long. They will be added in phase 2, which should be released only 6 weeks from now, but yeah the moment they are available you will see people boarding them 24-7, some orders will indeed start dealing gear to people formerly all their council got what they want, and there is presumably only gon na be lower than 1 of the player base that will indeed be suitable to get a label for those, let alone kill them. 

9. Recap 
 This covers enough much all the main avenues of gearing in Season of Mastery, if there is commodity differently you want to add, drop it in the commentary to profit everyone, and remember that raiding now is relatively tough and not as important for gearing as it was in WoW Classic SoM. Firstly, so do not feel like you have to clear every walkout, or indeed raid at all to make your character important, all the effects covered then should make your character on par in terms of power with someone that's laboriously raiding MC and Ony every week.