How to respec your character in Elden Ring

How to respec your character in Elden Ring

Still, you should really give it a shot, If you have not learned how to respec your character in Elden Ring yet. Respeccing is an easy, fairly low- cost way to fully reallocate all of your stats, letting you transfigure from a dextrous weakling to a hefty heathen with a single menu. The point has was in former Souls games, but it's been a kindly confusing process in the history. 
 Thankfully, Elden Ring's respec is enough simple, and exercising it becomes more important as you face some of the late- game Elden Ring heads. Or you might want to respec just to try out any number of the cool munitions or armor sets you find littered throughout the Lands Between. In this Elden Ring respec companion, I will explain how to do it, and where to find the item you need. 

How to respec in Elden Ring

To unleash the capability to respec, there are two effects you need to do:

Beat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon in the Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia 
. Find a Larval Tear 
 After you master Rennala you will be suitable to interact with her and choose the" revitalization" option. This is where the Larval Tear comes in, and you will pay one of these particulars each time you want to reallocate. Luckily there is no deficit. You just need to know where to look. 

Elden Ring Larval Tears: Where to find them

The easiest place to get a Larval Tear beforehand on is in the Village of the Albanaurics in the south of Liurnia, in a big delve set into the lake cliffside. Head in then and over into the vill itself. Once you've passed Nepheli, you should come to a place with lots of adversaries located around some gravestone coffins. The gash is lootable on a body there. 
 Latterly in the game, you start chancing further of them by defeating some well- hidden adversaries, buying them from merchandisers, or destroying a many particularly annoying sentient boulders. 
 Then is a ( likely deficient) list of Larval Gashes we have plant and further discovered by the Fextralife Elden Ring wiki 
 Limgrave, Liurnia, and Caelid Larval Tears 
.( Limgrave) Agheel Lake South East of this point of grace, you will find a wandering Undead Dogface that will transfigure into a Lower Runebear when provoked. Master it to collect a Larval Tear 
 (Liurnia) Boilprawn Shack Another disguised adversary, this time a Grafted Scion pretending to be a Giant Lobster. You will find this one northwest of the Boilprawn Shack on your way to the Rose Church. 
 (Liurnia) Caria Manor A single Larval Tear can be bought by a trafficker named Pidia, but they are not easy to get to. After defeating Royal Knight Loretta and reaching Ranni's Rise, head to the southern precipice edge and look for a path to drop down onto rooftops. You will end up on the upper position of the room containing the Manor Lower Level point of grace, where you will find Pidia. Their Larval Tear costs poems. 
 (Liurnia) Caria Manor Just east of the Caria Manor is a graveyard full of shell adversaries. Then you will find a ghost that will vanish when you interact with them. After they vanish, they'll drop a Larval Tear as well as some scholar blankets. 
( Caelid) Cathedral of Dragon Communion Another disguised adversary, this time a giant Troll pretending to be an Undead Dogface. Head to the creepy Edifice of Dragon Communion and follow the cliffside northwest to find the lone dogface staying for a beating. Master them to collect the Larval Tear. 
 Underground Larval Tears 
 Siofra River One Larval Tear is bribable from the Vagrant Trafficker in the Siofra River underground area. You will find this dealer just west of the Worshipper's Woods point of grace, in the same area as those pesky adversaries that shoot veritably fast arrows. 
Nokron, Eternal City The first Larval Tear in Nokron is a freebie sitting on a cadaver in a structure just seconds down from the first Nokron, Eternal City point of grace. Go to the main yard and head slightly southeast to find the structure. 
 Nokron, Eternal City After heading down the way between two structures in that same yard, you will see a casino in the coming area with another Larval Tear sitting on a cadaver. ( Be careful however, further of those slime monsters are staying to drop on you from over.) 
 Nokron, Eternal City The last one Larval Tear in this triad is earned by defeating the Mimic Tear master encountered soon after the casino if you keep heading southeast. 
 Night's Sacred Ground This bone is earned by defeating the cognizant boulder adversary in the Night's Sacred Ground, the alternate knob of the Nokron megacity north of where you first enter. This adversary is in the same church where you can find the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes, so be sure to snare that while you are there. 
Nokstella, Eternal City Another sentient ball, but this bone attacks on a ground enough beforehand in the Nokstella area. You will not find this bone until you've reached Nokstella, the underground area on the northwest side of the chart. The elevator leading then first becomes available after progressing through the Elden Ring Ranni hunt. 
 Latterly game Larval Gashes 
 (Altus Plataeu) Woodfolk Remains This bone is being held by a Lion Guardian disguised as another Undead Dogface. Old trick, stronger foe. The Woodfolk Remains sit in a noncommittal spot west of the halfway point of the external Leyndell wall, but it's easy to find if you follow the road north of the Rampartside Path point of grace that also sits along the external wall. 
(Mt. Gelmir) Road of Injuries A Colossal Wormface adversary disguised as a charred cadaver is holding this Larval Tear in a camp plant just northwest of the Volcano Manor. Follow the smell of corses just past the Road of Injuries point of grace and you should find it in seconds. 
 ( Depressions of the Titans) Blessed Snowfield A Runebear disguised as a lower dogface adversary is holding this Larval Tear. You will find them on the northeast edge of the Consecrated Snowfields area when you first arrive up the grand lift, between the first point of grace and the Blessed Snowfield Vault.