Different races about Guild wars 2

Different races about Guild wars 2

"Guild Wars 2" has a total of five large races: Asura, Human, Charr, Norn, Sylvari.


The dwarfs, the giants of intelligence, are incredible creatures, and Azulah uses knowledge and skills to rebuild the civilization, improve the land of the gray coast, and preserve their dominance by magic and craftsmanship. In the society of Asura, not the strong survival, but the wise win. The other nations are convinced that they can be ruled by power and power, but they are in self-deception, in time, all living will be served in Asura.


Humans have lost their hometown, a sense of security and past glory. Even the gods are away from them. However, the human spirit has not been shaken. These brave Corita defenders are still doing their every minute to continue fighting.


The Charles family has been tempered in the ruthless war. And fighting is their everything. Is the war that shaped them, and the pursuit of conquest of desire to drive them forward forever. The weak and the foolish have no value in Shire. Victory is everything, the will of the steel corps is inviolable.


When the ice dragon will Norren out of the cold homeland, these arrogant hunters experienced a painful failure. However, despite their heavy blow, the Nuo people will never let a defeat of the campaign, suppress their love of life and hunting. The Nuo people know that only the last person to laugh to win the legendary reward.


They woke up in the pale tree under the knowledge of their dreams. These noble creatures travel around, seek adventure, chase the mission. Sylvari worked hard to balance the curiosity and responsibility, obsessed with the spirit of the knights and the glory of the battle. The future of this race has just revealed that magic and mysterious blend of shaping them.

Guild wars 2 has eight manufacturing masters, each specializing in making certain items.

Armor forging division, craft maker, chef, hunter, jeweler, leather carpenter, tailor, weapon forging division.

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