World of Warcraft 10.0 Eve Elemental Invasion gameplay introduction

World of Warcraft 10.0 Eve Elemental Invasion gameplay introduction

The second update of "World of Warcraft" on the eve of 10.0 has arrived. What is the gameplay of the elemental invasion this time? For players who want to know, please see the "World of Warcraft" 10.0 eve elemental invasion brought by "Pinate" below The gameplay is introduced, I hope it can help everyone.

The Eve of the Dragon Age pre-patch event will go live on November 17, 2022, and it revolves around fighting off elemental invasions and harvesting "primal essence" from empowered creatures in the four main regions of Azeroth. Players can turn in currency to purchase item level 252 chase gear, a toy, and a 20-slot reagent pouch. Elemental bosses drop shards that you can combine into heirloom charms. Completing the Eve event rewards the Opposing Elements achievement. During the pre-event, you'll also be able to queue for the level 60 version of the "Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr" dungeon.

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Only level 10 and above can participate in the event, and you can use elemental invasion to level up. The initial quest will automatically pop up in your quest log. If you haven't unlocked flight, you'll receive a bronze drake to aid you in your quest.

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After completing the first few introductory missions in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, you'll complete the following missions, which are rewarding and worth completing.

Tyr's Legacy: Secrets of the Past - To complete the quest, you must reach level 60 and retrieve Tyr's Memory Disk from Uldaman in the Badlands. This quest rewards an item level 278 weapon.

Primal Threat - The quest from Khadgar rewards 30 Primal Essence and the Primal Storm Primal Storm Elf pet.

elemental invasion

Elemental forces periodically invade four locations for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Elemental Invasions will appear on the following maps:

Earth Elemental Invasion will occur in the Northern Barrens

Fire Elemental Invasion will occur in Tirisfal Glades

Storm Elemental Invasion will take place in Un'Goro Crater

The Water Elemental Invasion will take place in the Badlands

Areas currently under attack will be marked with icons on the world map.

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When you open an area map with an elemental invasion, you'll notice that there are areas under attack and areas marked with skeletons. This is where BOSS and mobs refresh.

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Each elemental invasion consists of two phases. In the first stage, players must defeat elemental creatures to reduce the elemental protection progress bar to 0. This is an area-wide invasion mission, and you only need to be in the area to earn points. Invasion bosses are invulnerable during this phase.

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When the Invasion Boss becomes attackable, the second phase of the Elemental Invasion begins. You must defeat the unleashed elementals to complete the stage and clear the area of the invasion.

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Invasion Bosses have a chance to drop 20-30 original essences, and the pursuit equipment that changes with the level changes. The first kill will get the task items of the Storm Seal, you need 60 original essences, and combine four element fragments into Heirloom jewelry.

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land invasion

During the Terran Invasion, you must defeat the Imbued Mob to release the Rumbling Landlord, which has a chance to drop 20-30 Primal Essence, Chase Gear, and Dim Primal Earth.

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flame invasion

During the Flame Invasion, you must defeat the Imbued Mob to unleash the Raging Fire Lord, which has a chance to drop 20-30 Primal Essence, Chase Gear, and Dim Primal Flame.

storm invasion

During the Storm Invasion, you must defeat the Imbued mob to release the Unrestrained Stormlord, which has a chance to drop 20-30 Primal Essence, Pursuit Gear, and Dim Primal Storm.

water intrusion

During the Water Invasion, you must defeat the Imbued Mob to release the Glacier Ice Lord, which has a chance to drop 20-30 Primal Essence, Chase Gear, and Dim Primal Water.


Primal Essence is the Eve of the Dragon Age event currency. You'll earn it from element-infused creatures at active elemental invasion locations and from various quests related to the event.

Each Invasion Boss drops 20-30 Primal Essence when defeated.

Elites drop 5 Primal Essences.

Non-elite imbued mobs drop 1-2 Primal Essence.

You'll also receive the Sigil of the Storm (quest item) the first time you defeat the Invasion Boss, which grants you 60 Primal Essence upon completion.

You will receive 30 Primal Essences from the quest Khadgar offers.


The original essence is used to exchange corresponding equipment and toys with designated merchants, and the equipment level is 252. Event Currency Exchange Merchant Alliance at Boralus Dock in Stormwind City, Storm Hunter William, and Storm Witch Suhraka at Bladefist Bay Airship Tower in Durotar, Horde.

Bag of Winds - A toy that requires 100 Primal Essence.

Stormbeaten Reagent Bag — A 20-slot reagent bag.

Unstable Elemental Fusion — An heirloom trinket you can obtain by combining four shards from an elemental boss.

Item level 278 weapon from the Uldaman quest

Storm Toys

This toy can be purchased for 100 Primal Essence (event currency) from William the Stormhunter at Boralus Docks in Stormwind City or the Stormlady Suhraka at the Airship Tower in Bladefist Bay in Durotar.

The toy summons a vacuum above your head that sucks critters for 10 seconds and has a 30 minute cooldown.

Heirloom Jewelry

The final reward for this event is a new Heirloom charm! This trinket contains primary stats and triggers that deal elemental damage to enemies. To craft this trinket, you must obtain a rare drop from all elemental lords and combine them:

During the Earth Elemental Invasion in the Northern Barrens, from Rumbling Earthlord's Primal Land;

A dim primal fire from the Firelord during the fire elemental invasion of Tirisfal Glades;

A dim primal storm from the unscrupulous Stormlord during the storm elemental invasion of Un'Goro Crater;

Dim primordial water from the Glacier Lord during the water elemental invasion of the Badlands.

The use level is 1-49, but it can be upgraded once.

The Alliance Storm Merchant is located near the Stormwind Docks, where ships to Boralus depart from.

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The Horde Storm Vendor can be found outside of Orgrimmar in the new Zeppelin Tower near the Orgrimmar Docks.

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Dragon Age Eve event catch-up gear

The Storm Vendor sells item level 252 gear. You must be level 60 to equip gear sold by vendors. Note that you cannot send it to other roles on your account.

One-handed weapons require 25 Primal Essence;

Two-handed weapons require 45 Primal Essence;

Shield/Off-Hand requires 25 Primal Essence;

Head/chest/legs/trinkets cost 45 Primal Essence;

Neck/Shoulders/Feet/Gauntlets cost 35 Primal Essence;

Back/Wrist/Ring cost 25 Primal Essence;

Uldaman: Legacy Dungeon of Tyr

During the pre-event, level 60 characters can also queue for the Normal difficulty Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon for item level 278 loot.

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Completing the associated Uldaman quest rewards an item level 278 weapon.