Final Fantasy 14 occupational data collection ff14 full occupational types summary

Final Fantasy 14 occupational data collection ff14 full occupational types summary

 In the world of Eorzea in Final Fantasy 14, there are a variety of occupations that adventurers can choose. Different occupations have different divisions of labor. Many players do not understand it comprehensively. The following brings you a summary of all occupations in ff14. Let’s take a look together. let's go.

  Summary of all occupations

  combat elite

  Elites who follow these arts incorporate themselves into the arts of weapons and the warfare associated with them. They hone their minds and bodies through rigorous training and become war machines.


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  A swordsman is proficient in all kinds of one-handed blades, whether these weapons are daggers or longswords, single-edged or double-edged, straight or curved. The roots of swordsmen are in the arena. These melee fighters learned how to switch between offensive and defensive postures smoothly amidst the cheers of the audience, attracting everyone's attention with their dance-like fighting.

  Swordsmen can also use their shield skills to draw the enemy's attention to themselves and protect teammates from harm.


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  The path of fighters' practice is uninterrupted training, and their ultimate goal is to master traditional melee skills. Although fighters are already very good at fighting unarmed, they are also accustomed to using metal, leather or bone weapons to further enhance their combat effectiveness.

  Brawlers prefer close combat, so getting close to enemies quickly is important to them. Many fighters forego heavy armor to maximize mobility so they can get in close for the kill as quickly as possible.


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  As hand-to-hand fighters, axemen are skilled with the greataxe—a fearsome arm-long weapon associated with Eorzean pirates. Their fighting style is full of brute force, relying on sheer strength and fine steel weapons to crush enemies and shatter weapons. Axemen are widely sought after for their ferocious combat power and intimidating appearance. They are often hired to destroy monsters that plague the world, or to participate in wars among nations and turn the tide of battle in one fell swoop. A seasoned axeman can single-handedly take on a pack of hungry beasts with only a few scratches.


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  A spearman is proficient in the use of long weapons, originally derived from common hunting weapons. In the past, largely due to the influence of Ala Mhigo's majestic Spear Legion, spears were widely used. The weapons used by the spearman later became more diverse, including deadly weapons such as halberds and tridents.

  It's not easy to wield a long weapon as easily as you can with your fingers, but once a spearman masters this combat technique, he can unleash a storm of stabs and slashes, leaving the enemy hard to defend against.


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  Armed with a strong bow and carrying a quiver, the archer attacks the enemy from a distance. There are two famous archery schools in Eorzea, one is the Longbow Sentinel School of the Elven Army, and the other is the Shortbow Hunter School of the Cat Meizu.

  The archer constantly evaluates the battlefield environment, chooses the most favorable position, and chooses the most suitable shaft, arrowhead and tail feathers according to the type of enemy. It is said that a master archer can destroy a target with a hail of arrows before the enemy can strike back.