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  • Anavel - West
  • Ariel - Asia
  • Camilla - West
  • Katarina - East
  • Liebli - Europe
  • Lupinus - Asia
  • Rahul - West
  • Taor - East
  • Tilasha - Europe
Please make sure that the item you want to sell has no more than 4 in the Exchange List Status:
Summoners War

1.Sell your items in Exchange Center, we will find it and buy it.

2.Please try to choose an item which is Out Stock items for sale so we can find it and buy it.

3。We don't cover the fee of the Exchange Center.

$4.00 0 (200 +20 K Rahild)
About This Game
The King of Rahil is looking for a Summoner to protect the kingdom against Tefo's enormous conspiracy. Your story as a Rahil Guard begins now! Explore a vast world with your Summoned companions by your side in this new MMO, Action RPG set in the Summoners War Universe.
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