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  • ASIA1- ASIA011
  • ASIA1- ASIA012
  • ASIA1- ASIA013
  • ASIA1- ASIA014
  • ASIA1- ASIA015
  • ASIA1- ASIA016
  • ASIA1- ASIA017
  • ASIA1- ASIA018
  • ASIA1- ASIA026
  • ASIA1- ASIA027
  • ASIA1- ASIA028
  • ASIA1- ASIA029
  • ASIA1- ASIA030
  • ASIA1- ASIA031
  • ASIA1- ASIA032
  • ASIA2- ASIA021
  • ASIA2- ASIA022
  • ASIA2- ASIA023
  • ASIA2- ASIA024
  • ASIA2- ASIA025
  • EU1- EU011
  • EU1- EU012
  • EU1- EU013
  • NA1- NA011
  • SAI- SA011
  • SAI- SA012
  • SAI- SA013
  • SAI- SA014
  • SAI- SA015
  • SAI- SA016


1.Please make sure you have reached level 25 and opened the exchange market.

2.We don't cover the market fee.

$6.40 0 (1,000 +100 Gold)
About This Game
Warriors, which path would you choose in the land of MIR? Venture into the unknown seeking the next adventure Perhaps live a peaceful life through hunting and gathering Or wage war against other warriors and clans to conquer over all. Follow your heart and choose your path. This is where your story begins... Mir M.
Customer Reviews (2 Review)
  1. luna
    Reviewed on:
    Service was pretty fast,would definitely recommend it.
  2. icrazy_cracka
    Reviewed on:
    Awesome service. Quickly delivered
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